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NCAA picks for Saturday:

Van Hoo III



XX = Cannot get points for this game no matter what.

4. Kentucky over 5. WVU (W)

12. Richmond over 13. Morehead State XX (W)

2. SDSU over 7. Temple (W)

3. Uconn over 6. Cincy

7. UCLA over 2. Florida (L)

1. Pitt over 8. Butler (L)

11. Gonzaga over 3. BYU

5. K-State over 4. Wisconsin XX



Recommended Comments

Brutal, absolutely brutal. That foul shouldn't have been called 90 feet from the basket. Absolutely brutal.

It wasn't a shooting foul, so the distance from the basket has little to do with it.

Pitt fouled the guy on the rebound, you can debate up and down whether it was right to call the foul, but at the end of the day, a foul was committed and the ref called it. I do hate to see games decided that way, and its a tough break for Pitt, but hey, maybe you guys will realize that really good teams do get beat early and stop ragging on my Jayhawks who have suffered a similar fate entirely too many times over the past 5-6 years.

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