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What makes Mogar tick?



after 2 conversations on irc earlier today, I figured I should make a blog about the subject, I have been asked this question ever since I became active on the forums, and what makes me act the way I do, so here goes a wall of text rant.

Before I played Cybernations, I had an ego already, I tend to get what I want when I put forth all the effort I can, and since high school have tended to do whatever I want without thinking about what would happen afterwards, and generally was an incredibly selfish person, including having a one sided open relationship with my now ex girlfriend whom I was dating before I found CN, but since this is about what makes me act like me, I suppose I'll keep this mostly IC.

When CDS was on it's deathbed and I was trying to revive the corpse hooked to life support, I realized that having public opinion on your side and being known on the forums was a useful trait in almost every situation that comes up while playing Cybernations, alliancewise it can make your alliance more popular since more people see your flag and alliance name, and character wise, people tend to trust those they know over those they don't, along with quite a few other benefits that come with this. Once I finally was willing to let go of CDS and wiped the White Nationalist/Supremacist cell out from those nations at least, I still to this day believe they're out there somewhere subverting another alliance's power to their own twisted ends, but that's a story for another blog.

Anyway, I soon joined TPF, since that was most of my former CDS alliance mates went long before I finally gave up on reviving, and TPF at the time protected Defcon, where the other majority went, so I felt at home, I went inactive for a month or so, completely drained from being online 18 hours a day keeping CDS afloat, but then turned back into my incredible posting self, and during the NoV war which I quite openly supported since I had my own personal reasons for disliking any possibility of WN/WS I was promoted to MoFA under Slayer99 near the peak of the Q era, which at the time was basically a do nothing job since there weren't very many people we weren't already allied with. This new promotion gave me even more ability to post but also restricted my opinions slightly, like all government jobs tend to do, 6 months of doing that job and having my deputy magicninja essentially do my job for me, I resigned and let Magicninja take over since he was doing the job anyway and I simply enjoyed being able to post official government statements, and then became the Minister of Protectorates, since at the time we had roughly a dozen and I hung out with them more than our allies, same day NoV disbanded(august 15 2008), I had nothing to keep me busy so I created #CN_News, I had been doing MoG[News] for quite a time before that, ever since the UjW, but figured a private channel for it was a good idea since then I could add more of my own commentary.

Once I became disenfranchised with the political situation in Cybernations entirely, I resigned from TPF and went and joined Pacifica, because I felt I needed to ground myself again, being a "celebrity" had made me be far too independent minded to ever really follow someone else, and this problem hasn't really been fixed even to this day, I just happen to get along with RIA's leadership well.

Anyway, so I was in Pacifica and lost interest in their alliance because their leadership banned me from their private and public channels, so I took the hint and quit the alliance, being emotional at the time, I didnt even think to post a resignation, i just queried the guy who banned me and told him since he didnt want me in the alliance I was resigning, and then posted a thread on the old CDS forums checking for interest in a rebirth of sorts, which was viewable to anyone with an account on the CDS boards since we no longer had members, someone from Pacifica saw this, reported me being a traitor and then I was attacked for poaching or something along those lines.

Since it's been 2 years and nobody involved in the decision was in government or exists currently, Slayer basically talked Pacifica into stopping attacks against my nation after 1 week of warfare with me after I got expelled, and then I was given my cushy job as IRAN's Trium of Foreign Affairs, which gave me another attention whore job, which I of course enjoyed at the time, besides having to bail Battalion out of horrible situations involving Ivan Moldavi and Tygaland, fast forward a while, Karma happens, Battalion betrays the alliance by surrendering without talking to anyone else from the government, cue me posting a nuclear attack in reply to Archon, After getting wasted, changing my AA and generally being quite unhappy and posting my emotions in regards to that.

Then after waking up the next morning, I discussed the subject with manbearpig on IRC where he informed me of the treachery, since I had thought they just made the decision without telling me, not Battalion being ballsy enough to make the decision completely by himself, once we realized this, we talked it over with the 2 other government members at the time, and the 2 active members on IRC, and came to the decision to remove Batallion, since he had done this previously, in fact that was how I gained my job in the first place, he just removed the old Trium without asking anyone. Of course with my pride at stake, I decided to remove him from power personally, since I had Admin on the forums, and then posted our actions on these boards, thankfully all of my activity up until this point had paid off, since public support was overwhelmingly on my side besides sporadic trolls posting support for him for lulz, He then declared Civil War and then declared war on me when i had 1000 tech and 25 nukes on hand, and actually had a warchest, so I attacked back and winning every type of attack including a naval blockade, and then realizing bill locking him was a dishonorable action when he was already defeated, decided to offer him peace since it would show I wasn't a horrible person as he attempted to paint me, and even offered him protection from IRAN until he decided to change AAs, which he did soon afterwards.

After my victory against him I went back to my usual posting constantly on the CN forums and eventually earned a ban for a quoted for truth style post, my exact words were "I agree with this" and besides two incidents, once posting wetwe simply to get one of my 100+ first posts, and the other for posting "me, inb4everyone" haven't been warned for a no content post whatsoever, and after the "inb4everyone" post I should have been more thoughtful of my posting, but at the time I wasnt as mature and wasn't exactly thinking much through, the 20 month break gave me time to reflect upon myself, though I missed Cybernations constantly.

I've realized ever since before the Karma war, the politics of this game are retarded, IRC and the forums are incredibly enjoyable simply because you get to talk with other people from around the world, and from what I've seen, everyone seems to be losing interest in the game because we have lost what the entire point of the game is. I play Cybernations purely to chat with people, the actual Alliance Politics side doesn't matter at all to me anymore. People have complained recently about certain alliances (Rok would be the biggest example off the top of my head) who chose what treaty they would uphold, why is that such a bad thing, if your alliance believes someone is their friend, why can't they choose to defend them? the entire point of politics is friendships, having a forum topic saying you are friends doesn't do a whole lot to make you any more or less friends, you'd be friends even without the treaty, which is why MK and FAN's secret/paperless treaty concept is something more people should follow in my opinion.

Since I came back I realized the politics haven't changed at all, but there are plenty of new people I wish to meet and talk to and hopefully befriend, and if you're going to reply to this, please dont just quote this huge post, just reply without quoting me.

tl;dr, I am well known out of my own work, and I act like such an attention whore because I play cybernations to meet people and socialize, not to play politics 24/7, anything that gets attention simply makes me more well known, negative or positive you're making an opinion of me and that is all I really want, obviously I'd prefer everyone has a positive opinion, but hey, can't win them all.


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I always ramble in any post I make, I blame ADHD personally, but glad someone read it at least,and thanks rab, you've always been a friend to me throughout those turbulent 3 years or so I just summed up.

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Interesting read. Though you didn't really describe how you tick at all, just a summery of your history. :mellow:

this is true, i will edit it and summarize my rambling.

edit: added a tl;dr to explain what point i was aiming for.

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Remember topic 100000? :>

yes, if anything it proves my point, there's a billion things to do when you're involved with 20,000 other people besides LOL NO U endlessly on the forums.

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Interesting read. Though you didn't really describe how you tick at all, just a summery of your history. :mellow:

Mog doesn't tick so much as buzz, like a Boliva Accutron. :awesome:

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You were a lot more fun to have around when you just used to make up random !@#$ and spread it via the rumormill. That was kinda awesome. :)

Tensions are difficult to raise when there's already a war happening, wait until PB/CnG get bored of Pacifica and give me a few months and the rumor mill will begin again, not to mention technically what I was doing with MoG[News] Back then technically broke quite a few spying rules most alliances have since people would tell me what their alliances was doing/give me logs from private channels, queries etc.

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