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Brief Update on Rebel Virginia

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Rebel Virginia


It would appear that I have a monetary value of at least $200 million. I am not sure how much others cost, but I know Kaiser Martens is worth only $60 mil. Does this make me the most valuable player ever?

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I will purchase five percent ownership share of Rebel Virginia at that valuation.

You do realize you don't get to pick which 5% of RV you get to have, right? :ehm:

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Uh oh!

As an aside, I always enjoy when you and I comment on the same blogs, due to our picture's similarities. Its like thenlittle people are having a conversation!

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I've heard higher numbers thrown around before, but I don't recall who they were for or if the people talking about it were even entirely serious.

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NSO can have our rep offer to them cut from $300M to $100M if they let us annex RV for 30 days.

Ahhh....now I get it.

The problem with calling this RV's monetary value is that no money changes hands. In fact, less money changes hands than would have before.

What this means is that RV is roughly the same level as a retailer's coupon, and I note that most of the time they have something like 'No Cash Value' printed in small type on the reverse.

Nice try, though.

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