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A Simple Thank You




There are people who have different views in this game, there always will be. These last 3 years have brought ups and downs but taught me quite a bit. I am not friends with the world but that does not mean I don't learn things from people. I have learned quite a bit from this game, gained some friendships that will last quite a bit, I have met people from all over the world, I have met people that I am still close with and this game brings people together in ways I have not seen before.

So regardless of whatever my interactions have been with you (or haven't been), thank you for the past 3 years. This game wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for the players. We shape the world we live in, we forge the bonds and we make the friendships. And it is the people I stick around for.

Alfred - you've been a great friend and a great person. Hope you stick around.

ChairmanHal - thank you for everything.

bzelger - for being a tiger and alright. :ph34r:

Delta - you're crazy but fitting.

Shadow - thanks for the fun fight in BiPolar and the friendship since.

Legion-x thanks for the friendship.

Phoebus - you're crazy but that is what makes you and LoSS fun.

Tyga - well you're a cat and annoying but still nice enough.

Lakerzz- Jewish bond enough sai.

Lizzard - you're a lizard, not a tiger.

Veraxyl - simply thank you for the amusing times.

QH - thank you for your friendship, you've stuck with me through some tumultuous times, I won't forget it.

Dodo - I don't know where I'd be without you and I hope that day doesn't occur. :wub:

Sardonic - you're definitely one of the people I am glad to have encountered.

Rush - you're old but awesome.

Londo - it is interesting to have met someone who I once sat opposite of in a heated discussion after all this time but guess CN flows as it does can create friendships later on. Thank you.

Heft - you've been a friend regardless of what happens and I won't forget it.

TCK - I won't attack you, get over it.

Caldy - you're nuts, a tyrant but thank you.

Xiphosis - for being an outspoken person and vivid voice in this world.

Keshy - you're annoying but amusing. Here is some apples and a hug.

Buffy - your friendship has meant quite a bit to me and will continue to do so.

To all the people at Brigade - thank you for all you've taught me about diplomacy, the friendships, the silliness, it won't be forgotten.

Hime Themis - thank you for all the conversations had and the memories.

Kirke - thank you for the conversations that have kept me up.

Sir Winslow, same as Kirke, thank you for everything.

Turetel - thank you for being a dreidel and putting up for me.

Penguin - you're rational, logical and a friend I won't forget.

Moridin - thank you the same. You've been hilarious throughout the years and I doubt that will stop anytime soon.

Sceptor - the early memories are still not something I forget.

Shuru - we've had our memories, thanks for that.

Sky - you're insane but awesome. ;)

Ruphus - thank you, and we should talk again soon.

Scipio - anything I could say pales in comparison for how much you've done.

Boris - you're responsible for some antics (coughs) but I wouldn't take it back. Thank you.

Canik - for teaching me some things that certainly won't be forgotten.

MCRABT - for being awesome and there could be more said that you already know.

NAH - you're nuts but thank you. Even if you spammed TOOL's forums on my birthday.

Grendel - thank you for your medical advice, your insanity and your sincerity.

And there are many people I am grateful to but I'll just say this: there are so many diverse people here, while struggles occur, I do enjoy the interactions that occur on here whether I may agree or not agree with someone. It is a game and there are some quite amazing people on here. So thank you for making the time worth it.



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