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Head start before tomorrow's tip-off:

Van Hoo III


1. Ohio State over 16. UTSA (W)

8. George Mason over 9. Villanova (W)

11. Marquette over 6. Xavier (W)

3. Syracuse over 14. Indiana St. (W)

7. Washington over 10. Georgia (W)

2. UNC over 15. Long Island (W)

1. DUKE over 16. Hampton (W)

9. Tennessee over 8. Michigan (L)

12. Memphis over 5. Arizona (L)

13. Oakland over 4. Texas (L)

1. KU over 16. Boston (W)

9. Illinois over 8. UNLV (W)

6. Georgetown over 11. VCU (L)

3. Purdue over 14. St. Peters (W)

7. Tx A&M over 10. Florida State (L)

2. Notre Dame over 15. Akron (W)


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Duke should be in pink.

You and I both picked memphis. I always pick the 5-12 upsets the same way. I take the one 12 seed that makes the least sense, and then pick them to win the upset :mellow: . Works pretty well for me.

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:(( Duke :((

I was 12/16 on the first day, had Mizzou over Cincy, Penn State over Temple, Louisville over Morehead St, and Saint Johns over Gonzaga :(

But its ok, with Richmond beating Vanderbilt (which I picked, :) ) and Morehead State over Louisville, Kansas's route to the elite eight got paved in gold. According to Accuscore's bracketcaster, factoring in todays developments Kansas now has a 35% chance of reaching the final four this year. If they make it there, I feel very confident in their chances at winning it all.

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Was 15/16 for the previous cycle, but I feel that this one is a lot more volatile and I didn't put much thought into these picks. Though, I do find it curious that you have Marquette upsetting Xavier who has done extremely well this year and in past years (as well). Sure they got upset during the A-10 tourney by Dayton (essentially a pair of free throws put the game into Dayton's favor), but they were able to outplay Temple in their victory against them, essentially ran the gambit (save for their one flop at Charlotte) in the A-10, and had a fairly and reasonably tough schedule (though I doubt their SOS would be deemed as anything insane like UCONN or Duke).

As much as I am a Big East junkie, I'm just not confident that Marquette will pull it off, but who knows, Xavier has a history this season of losing to relatively sub-par teams (such as Miami OH, who lost in the first round of the CBI to URI), and Marquette is definitely not a sub-par team (they had a rather tough schedule this season to contend with). Can't say I agree with the 12-5 flop of Arizona losing to Memphis or Oakland over Texas (13-4) mainly because the underdogs just don't seem to have experience against these more resilient squads... though in Oakland's defense, Texas has shown itself to be extremely vulnerable, especially in the latter portion of its season in its own conference play.

I guess we'll see what happens.

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Two late losses last night put me at 13/16 yesterday.

SoM: Marquette winning is just one of those "I have a feeling" games. I don't think Arizona is all that good.

memoryproblems: As much as I hate KU, I agree. They are almost a lock to get to the Final Four. I don't see Notre Dame or Purdue knocking them off.

Duke rocks. GO BLUE DEVILS

I knew you were a closet Cameron Crazy, Janax. :wub:

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I remember a study conducted by a scientific body about a year and a half ago, the conclusion there was that Duke does indeed suck.

I saw it on the owf, hence it has to be true.

I have not forgotten your betrayal, Mr. von Tirpitz.

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Woo, thank you Texas and Arizona! I didn't expect Michigan to absolutely thomp Tennessee though... seems MSU still has some fight in it yet. Save for the Duke game and the Tennessee flop, though, the games so far today have been really close and actually fun to watch. Even Akron managed to keep up with Notre Dame for the first three-quarters of the game.

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The Oakland-Texas upset special nearly happened man, almost. Still a good pick.

Yeah, the Memphis-Arizona upset almost happened too ... we were so close to looking like geniuses, man. :D

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Yeah, the Memphis-Arizona upset almost happened too ... we were so close to looking like geniuses, man. :D

I know haha if I could go back and make those picks again I would. :)

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