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Eighteen Years Ago...

Prince Imrahil




I'm sure a lot of you are too young to remember the 1993 Super Storm (or weren't even alive...damn I feel old), but it was definitely a big deal. Even my home town, which is in a meteorological mountain shadow, got 18 inches of snow and we missed a few days of school (we would have missed more, but it hit on a weekend), we lost electricity, and it affected a third of the country with everything from flooding to thunder-snow. Some of the drifts were taller than I am now.

This was back when winter was fun for me, so I liked our part in it...except the power loss of course.



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Some of my earliest memories are climbing the five trees in my backyard. The branches interlaced so I was actually able to walk around 15-20 feet above the ground. My older sister had to help me get up there but as soon as I was up there, it was pretty easy to get around.

This storm took all but one of them. The last one fell in a 2000 storm. :(

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