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CSN war stats up to 2/26

Kubla Khan



As per request

All parenthesis are the info from 1/22, the Declaration on Loss Unless otherwise indicated, all stats are from personal notes, and Stats from Unspeakable evils graphs on OWF,

The stats were taken from approx. 2:30:28-2:36:29 AM, CN time on 2/26

Nations 125 (152) -27

Nations in anarchy 64 (51.2% of total nations, 3rd highest among nations on BoB)

Nations In Peace Mode 21 (16.8%)

Nations in War Mode 104 ( With 64 of the 125 nations in anarchy, this means 61.5% of warring nations are currently in anarchy)

137 Active wars (104 in war mode means there are 1.31 wars per nation ave.)

Total NS 3,188,203 (5,967,382, net loss of 2,779,179 NS or 46.6% of war boner NS)

Average NS 25,506 (39,259, average loss 13,753 or 35%)

Score 12.64 (22.39, or 9.75 points lost, 43.5%

Total Nukes 1,001 (1,668, down 667)

Nukes thwarted 1299

Direct Hits 1629


76 MP's

58 SDI's

34 WRC's

Interesting Wonder statistics, on 1/22, the day of the initial declaration on LoSS, CSN boasted a Wonder total of 1,535 Total wonders, One month later, on 2/23, their total stands at 1,432, or -103 wonders (6.7% of total). The loss of 27 nations accounts for this but still were they deletions? I believe on CSNer left and joined GATO but have not checked his wonder total. It should also be noted that 2 nations have joined CSN since the initial declaration, one is Liz, the current Head of State, so go figure, she has 25 days senority, but they bring another 38 wonders combined to CSN meaning a possible loss of 141 wonders.

Land 71,412 (263,598 or -192,186)

Infra 403,542 (916,407 or -512,865)

Tech (237,339 (345,442 or -108,103)

There was a massive jump across the board on the 30th of January due to a massive nations with approx. 12-13k tech joining for several days then leaving, other wise CSN has lost

92,639 NS

6,406 land

17,096 infra

3,604 tech

On average, per day

Soldiers 2,151,310 (4,902,039 or -2,750,729)

Tanks 174,378 (337, 324 or -182,946)

CSN War Break Down Against LoSS and DT (stats might vary slightly but are presented as accuratly al possible)

Offensive wars

on LoSS: 20

on DT: 48

Defensive wars

On LoSS: 55

On DT:21

The Additional wars were declared while i was gathering stats

CSN Aid Breakdown

120 Avtive Slots in Use this round

Up from 74 the previous

What we clearly see is an alliance who had several nations very prepared for war, but as an alliance, particularly at the upper middle and top tier, war capabilities fall sharply.

In the top 20 nations :

126 mil sent in war aid (42 packages)

30 mil Recieved (10 packages)

300 Tech Recieved (6)

Most nations have stopped sending aid all together, the Aid from these top 20 nations was abruptly cut off on 2/6, the day of the DT Declaration, going past the first 20 we see even more interesting patterns emerging. Internal aid is given at the same rate, about 70-80 slots per round as far as i can ascertain but a surprising amount of aid is being funneled into CSN from Outside sources, the Following alliances have Sent at least 3 mil to CSN nations

FOK 6 mil

FARK 36 mil

"GOD applicant" 24 mil

Various- 12 mil

Athens-6 mil

IRON- 6 mil

The round before that, we see those same alliances sending a total of 72 mil to CSN, I sure hope all those nations are at war with LoSS and DT, thats an act of war...

Final take, CSN is still strong buy they are deteriorating economically, with internal aid drying up, they have now begun to call on friends and allies for help. No doubt they can be a military threat for some time, but the massive losses of infra and tech will be very difficult to recover with their depleted resources. They have taken damage the hardest in the lower and middle range. The top tier nations that were engaged, primarily govt, have been ZIed, in several cases multiple times and bill lock among many mid tier, former upper tier nations is all but certain. CSN talks a big game about the lower tier being the easiest to recover, and credits LoSS and DTs comparatively smaller losses, even gains to money being stretched farther than it does in the upper tiers. However that argument holds less water with each passing day as currently 40% of their alliance is below 10k. and growing by the day, sorry CSN, you are a week away from being a low tier alliance with 100-110 members.



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72m aid is almost an irrelevant amount. That's one aid packet for every nation they have under 4k and wouldn't even fill up the slots of 5 nations with Foreign Ministries. We're talking about less than 4% of CSN's total slot's being filled.

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The Black Watch left CSN and went to GATO. We also had one or two FOK ghosts at the onset of the war, along with a 100k NS nation join up from GOD mid-war. We shaved off most, if not all, of our hippies though.

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