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Update: Another Day of Full of Fail

Prince Imrahil



Oh dear, where to begin.

1) After only about 5 hours of sleep, I had to be at work for a double shift, and it was totally boring. A relative waste of time.

2) Went to a bar with two mates (one of whom is JP) only to find that everyone was going to a bar (in a nearby city) that JP and I had been talking about going to for months. We are halfway there when we decide (based on time and things we must do the next day and so on) to turn around and go back home (by which I mean a bar where we live).

3) So we go to a familiar place. We didn't get hammered (caveat: for some reason, after just over 3 drinks, I was feeling way to drunk...I blame not having a lot to eat prior to drinking), but we spent some time talking (as we had between towns). This was long overdue: both of us talking about men-troubles. "Bombshell:" a guy I work with (who is pretty cute) is apparently dating someone. Not that I saw the two of us together, but it just makes me feel that much lonelier not being with someone (as if I needed that). It's more the sense of having already limited options even more limited.

4) It's "Spring Forward" weekend, so I am losing an hour of sleep where I was already not getting a lot of sleep.

You ever get the sense that life is just relentlessly !@#$ting on you? Like it has Dysentery and you have a target on you? That is how I have felt of late.


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