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Whats on my mind 3/12/2011 11pm

Joseph Black



Its been a really long time since I've posted a blog, but today something got my goat. I've been a member of this great community for almost a year now, in fact next month I believe will mark my 1st year. I've seen, learned, and grown a great deal because of this amazing community. I've made a lot of friends too, and I'll probably make another blog entry for my 1 year, but onto the topic of this one.

Recently there has been a lot of OCC bashing of alliances, players, and events. I don't understand how people can get so involved in a game that they would want to insult someone in an IC persona. I hope that I'm just reading things wrong, but it does seem that so much of what happens IG effects people OCC. Maybe I'm still to young or I'm just a little off my rocker, but it seems that this community would want to nurture each other OCC. The people that your playing with are people that you have things in common with, regardless of if they are on the "other side of the treaty web" or are in your best allies alliance. Those who are active and contribute to this community are the ones who like it or not keep the flow of the game. You can't have a good guy without the bad guy and you can't have the honorable without the down right nasty.

So really I guess what I'm trying to say is relax, enjoy the game, and let other people enjoy it too. Don't let what someone does in the game effect you or let your words go so far as to attack someone out side the game.

So until the next time, this is the muddy dog signing off.



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