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Phoenix Rising: Mad As Hell

Sandwich Controversy



Recap for those of you not on IRC:

This dude, founding member of PhR and "honoured eternal" declares war on me: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=316002

At the time of declaration he had 6k infra and a warchest consisting of the princely sum of $7,727,317. You'll note a few things about this nation:

-no labour camps

-no missile defences

-no nuclear capability

-no SDI

-extremely little tech

On the first day of conflict, he sent me a peace offer for fear of being nuked:

Message: A peace offer has been submitted by Emperor Charlemagne for the reason of: No nukes dude...Im unarmed!

He refused to formally surrender so the nukes started to fly. He then used this opportunity to label me a "nuclear rogue" and threaten me with sanctions.

Message: LOL....I guess you will have to nuke me. I was one of the founding members of Phoenix Rising and I won't be resigning. I got my marching orders and I followed through. I offered you peace and I'm not even nuke capable. If you want sanctions against your nation then launch your nukes against me. Try to explain that one. All messages are logged and provided to my govt so I beseech you to lay down your arms. A peace offer is all you will get from me.

Emperor Charlemagne

I'm still waiting on those sanctions, I'm worried I'm going to end up disappointed. Out of the blue, I get this message yesterday morning:


I can't decide if I've just been owned unbelievably hard or if this is one of those "u mad" situations. In any case, my mom is calling me for dinner. Bye for now!



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O snap, I can feel the glow of his awesome not caring about CN life through that last PM. The radiance is forcing me out of my basement and into the loving embrace of pizza rolls.

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Too funny. Like a drunk fool walking onto the freeway crying for everyone to not hit him because he doesn't have a car.

This guy had better learn to play in traffic soon.

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