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Happy Lent!!!

Prince Imrahil




I hope everyone got their indulgence out of the way yesterday.

Since I'm not Catholic, I only have limited knowledge of how this stuff goes. Today is the start of Lent. A friend of mine from back when I was in grade school told me that it was traditional to give something up for the 40 days of Lent and usually I do so every year (although since the beginning of Lent changes every year, sometimes it passes without me even realizing it).

This year, I decided that I would be giving up sweets (hence me downing a pint of Ben & Jerry's tonight while watching Glee) and fried food (hence me eating a bunch of chicken strips earlier today). This is one of those things that will look easier on paper than it will be in practice.

Anyone out there giving up anything for Lent?




Recommended Comments

Meat, dairy and seafood for 55 days.

Yeah, being Catholic's easy !@#$.

All seafood or just fish with an endoskeleton? I'm of the Eastern Church also

But then again it's a matter of economia etc... Had this discussion with a priest about fasting when I converted.. Theoretically given $100 for food, and the choices are that

1) you can have a $70+ tax and tip gourmet vegan meal for just yourself. All Lenten "legal" foods... not even olive oil or wine used!

2) You can buy $5 turkey and cheese subs for yourself and 18 or so strangers who look like they could really use the nutrition.

We came to the conclusion that this one was a no-brainer....


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