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CN on an iPad

Prime minister Johns



I got myself a new iPad because of the price drop, because of the new model coming out at the end of the month.

It is the 32gb 3G version so I am now a lot more mobile with my web browsing.

I am currently using it to browse this forum and play CN amongst other things and it is a real joy to use.



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having had one since about a week after they were released, I use it for the following:


Fantasy Football

That's it. Luckily, this was purchased for me by work, so I don't mind only using it for these things. I can not use it for anything more extensive. If it works for you, glad to hear it, but I'll be sticking with a laptop.

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Netflix is indeed very nice on a top end iPad.

Only problem I run into with CN is I have to enlarge the screen a bit to be certain on what I'm doing on the left menu. I would be a little worried if I was an un-date warfighter type. Other than that, it's pure sweet hell on the beach.

You do lose a few graphs (Flash?) in the nation displays.

Other than that, good to go.

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