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Radio show and heeding sound advice




Howdy world,

I did my show as planned yesterday, but I did not consider two things. One, the server was incredibly crappy. It was good for the first show, but people said they spent most of their time getting disconnected or buffering. This might be because I'm in a college dorm. That leads me to my second thing. I am in a college dorm and I had to bribe my roommate to keep him and my friends from barging in and laughing at me while I conducted a radio show about imaginary politics. So I'm going to take AirMe's advice that he left on my previous blog and follow his example of just making the damned thing a Podcast. That way I can record it in segments and not have to worry about any losses in quality.

Considering the technical disaster that last night's show was, I'm probably going to piece together the parts of it that were actually recorded (thank you very much Octalan for recording what you could) and extract the good points to drop into the next show, which will be my real "Episode 1", if you will. I'm looking for people who are interested in being guests and if anyone has anything they would like me to talk about, I'd have a lot of fun with that as well. So drop some suggestions and whatnot.

Hope you all enjoy the Podcast when I release it. More info coming soon.




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