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Now I'm paranoid



Given AvT's recent issue I'm getting a bunch of errant cell phone calls and texts from people I don't even know toying with me. There's really no way someone could have gotten my cell phone number (I hope) but this is getting really odd. Getting wrong numbers on cell phones?

I could be overreacting but this doesn't look right at all.


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Apparently I'm getting threats saying they'll kill me at work.

Wow, well.

Contact your telephone provider and file a police report. That or get killed (I think its clear that one isn't a option).

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If you're making fun of what's happening to AvT, I'd be really disappointed in you, AUT..

If it's really happening to you, you do know you can trace those private calls on your cell phone. Just need some police assistance and cell phone company to do it and you get the number.

P.S., saw your foot off.

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No, I'm being completely serious. This is disturbing.

Now I'm getting two numbers both not making sense.

Dealt with them when I threatened to call the cops, apparently they're pranksters and sound like little kids.

I just hope to God they weren't from here.

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It's a 412 number which is basically the area code for anyone living around my area. Going to sleep, but won't lie this was very disturbing. Many CN'ers play CN and threatening to kill me at work then saying wrong number and apologizing isn't sitting well with me.

Either way I'll have the cops deal with it tomorrow.

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Since it's basically a number from your area, dont you think it's more likely that you pissed someone off in real life recently then someone from this game? Or maybe you play this game way to much and this should serve as a wake up call if your first reaction is to think someone here is stalking you, with a number from your area.

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When I get messages from children, not adults, I do not think it has to do with people I know in real life unless a friend of mine which I highly doubt gave them the number. It could be just a wrong number, who knows, I just hope it's not from CN. And unlike CN I get along with everyone in real life, thanks for you uninformed and ill advised comment.

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This is the world Doomhouse has created...

Was it you? It was you who went after the Legion MoFA. I wouldnt put it past you at all to make OOC threats too.

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