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Shanks a lot.

Alfred von Tirpitz



Today i get a call from my old mum. Asking me why she got three wall posts and one PM from some unknown on her farmville id in FB, asking if I have shown her my scars and asked her to behold my commitment? How often do i show her my scars and stuff like that. Then she asked me what an emo is.

My boss asked me the same thing about scars. He got it from FB too.

The sad part is, only good friends of mine know of my secret identity off world from CN. Or should i say, those i thought of as good friends. Did your perception of me as a friend change when i moved to an alliance not in your orbit? Or did you blab when you were not supposed to, and let some unsavory lulzers in on the FB handle of mine?

I dont care why you did it, or what you thought you would achieve by it. I shall tell you what you 'did' achieve; you made an already bored/antsy 36 yr old even more eager to be away from this cess pit.

Shanks a lot.


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Reprehensible in the least.

It is actions like this if anything that will be the true death of this game. I play this or any game for the sheer fun of a distraction in my daily grind. To drive someone, anyone from a game they enjoyed like this is terrible.

Alfred von Tirpitz, I do not know you but I wish you the best in putting this behind you and finding something else that can fill this spot.

If the culprits were ever found I would in this case join the ranks here that would drive them from game.

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I meant hurt them IC'ly. I couldn't care less about their OOC life/lives.

That said, best of luck in dealing with this. I hope that person is brought to justice by the admin.

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Sorry to hear this, Alfred. The depths some will plumb in this game is never much of a surprise to me, unfortunately. Best of luck post-CN and I hope the morons involved give you peace now they have succeeded in what they were trying to achieve.

The more I see of the new "golden age of CN", the more I despise it.

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Sorry to hear about this and see you go AvF. Hearing about this makes me thankful I have an alt FB account for gaming. I've run into some sick people myself while gaming.

I would be glad to give this guy a whack on the head when he comes into range.

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This sounds absolutely horrible Alfred. I know how horrible it can get when people decide to spread things around about you and you have little that you can do. Hopefully you can get this sorted out fast and these jerks leave you alone.

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If you do know those CN players who know your rl name, you may want to try to reach out to them personally, especially if you have a phone number or something. If you can get across the anonymity veil of the internet, you can easily talk sense into a person. It's a long shot, but worth it if you have a lead of some sort.

Regardless, sorry this happened to you.

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I don't know what's worse, 9/11 or this.

You know I've seen a lot of overly sarcastic comments when it comes to !@#$ like this, and I doubt your OOC character is much different. If you have the audacity to make such a pathetic comment here and in other places over such serious matters I very highly doubt OOC-wise you're much different.

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Just gonna say this, if i find out who you are the ones who did this expect a nice visit especially if your in my area or i know you through CN and this visit will not be from me more than the AG's within your country for a internet harassment charge which if people don't know carries a higher charge than a regular harassment charge.

Sorry to hear about this AvT, !@#$ $%&@s who sink to this level need to be slowly killed in my opinion. It just shows they have no life and etc..IF this had happened to me, it would have been dealt with in a more inhuman way.

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So CN loses another great asset over the foolishness and total lack of human decency presented by some despicable character.

NATO will honor your request, but it saddens our hearts to see this type of thing done to you.

take care and know that the nations of NATO have always held you in high regard as an example of an outstanding CN player.

Look us up again someday.

Take care,


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Take care in RL, AvT, thanks of having posted a blog entry that is being very educational:

1. Never share the details your RL whereabouts to people you don't meet IRL. What do you really know about them?

2. Don't trust any CN-er to be above suspect and don't share with them your personal information; in that way you don't end up losing faith in all of the CN-ers (many deserve it).

3. Don't join FB. What is it good for?

4. Don't feed agents provocateurs.

5. Play this game as a game. Real people > "kewl" and you ought to remember it, or you'll look like a complete moron.

6. Don't use your regular e-mail account for Internet games.

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AvT i'm one of the lucky ones to have your facebook and I can gaurentee I never have given it out to anyone (In the first place I don't like to let my friends know about CN). If you need any help with the kicking of an ass on facebook let me know and i'll get to it.

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