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I have honestly never blogged before ...

Van Hoo III



... but have nothing else to do CN-wise and decided to give it a shot. I'll have a lot to say and promise that my entries will be far more hard hitting than this one in the future.

For now, I leave you with my NFL Mock Draft v1.0 instead. :awesome:

Enjoy: http://bit.ly/gXwmSj



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Boo Hoo.

If the Bears don't take an offensive lineman, I'm holding you responsible.

If the Bears don't take an offensive lineman, Chicago fans will hang the entire front office and coaching staff from the Sears Tower.

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Looks like a solid mock draft. I just don't think JJ Watt falls all the way to the Packers.

Yeah, I am not 100% comfortable with that one myself. As I was doing the draft, I noticed he was still there and that he'd probably be gone ... but I wasn't going to change it now. Version 2 will probably have Watt and Cam Jordan going higher.

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