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DBC News 24: 19th November

Benjamin Smythe



A middle aged man is sitting at a news desk in a modern studio as you tune in to Diamont Broadcasting Corporation's "News 24" channel. He shuffles his papers and then stares directly at the camera, ready to bring you the news. The familiar bell sound from the Diamont Royal Palace in Aldershot is played along with the theme tune for the news before he begins to speak:

"Good evening, I'm Jensen Trent and here are today's headlines:

Foreign Diplomats have been summoned before His Majesty, Lord Smythe today, with a demand to know why their national leaders had been slandering him in open communications.

Representatives from the "One Touch Football" alliance, the "Random Insanity Alliance", "Vanguard" and also the alliance known as "RAD" were called at 9am for an urgent meeting with the King. It is understood that His Majesty was extremely displeased with statements made with regards to "posturing" on local news channels. When the diplomats failed to issue an apology, or a way to rectify the situation, Lord Smythe decreed that they be expelled until further notice, with arrest and imprisonment the punishment for failure to adhere to the order.

Protesters loyal to the King soon had the embassies under siege, throwing various missiles such as bottles and cans at the fleeing diplomats. While some critics have called this a brash move, His Majesty issued this statement:

These alliances believe I am posturing when I imply that I am waiting for them to show some muscle and protect a rogue state which our armed forces had annihilated over the past week. Now, I have made my move. I'm waiting for theirs. Good day.

None of the diplomats could be contacted for comment, nor could their nation's leaders.

In other news, the Diamantian Royal Army have commenced war games with the nation of "Togashire". The leader, Toga, is a personal friend of the King and as such, this is seen as a gentleman's duel between the two states. It has been reported that in the first wave, Lord Smythe's forces won the battle with the second round going on as we speak. We'll do everything we can to bring you the news on that later.

Now, moving on to Sports news, with David Jones..."



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