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Alexandra's Last Voyage - would not be broken

Juana La Loca




Somewhere along the line I realized that most mariners tales were true. The Russian owned and crewed freighter Alexandra went down with a confirmed 4 and possibly up to 11 souls. Vechnaya Pamyat.

Alexandra was launched in 1984, the year of Chernenko and the LA Olympics Boycott. 27 years is not so old for a ship that is cared for. But Alexandra probably had only a few good years. By 2000 she was flying the Honduran flag of convenience. In 2002 she was reflagged under the Cambodian registry. The Cambodian flag is an early burial shroud.

Newspapers at least imply that Alexandra was on a normal cargo run from Korea to the PRC. Highly reliable sources say otherwise.

Alexandra was on her last voyage and her next port would be an intentional beaching. Alexandra was being sent to the Ship Breakers at Alang, or Chittagong, or some photography-forbidden beach in the PRC. Places where the lives of ships and living beings come quite cheaply.

On the odd occasion, I think the sea speaks to ships and ships speak to one another. You may :gag: here.

Alexandra, a 1500 ton general cargo vessel was in a collision with an 88,000 ton container ship. The container ship is being build by Hyundai Heavy Industries and was on sea trials, so new as to have no name.

Who, knowing of their guaranteed death, would not prefer to to have their throat ripped out by a crocodile than to suffer being gnawed to death by a thousand rabid voles? Who more merciful to do the work than an anonymous party (nobody remembers ship container ship by number) ? /rhetorical questions

Take a listen it's moving stuff.




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The legend comes down from the Japanese on down of the supertanker that was so new it had no name

The unnamed ship it is said never gives up her dead when they're tiny and get in her way

I had no choice in the matter.

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