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The History of The Bad Part 2

The Big Bad



TPF - The Early Days

The Phoenix Federation was formed in a merger between TF! and COLD. The leadership was a Triumvirate of Slayer99, TimLee, and Geopet. I took a spot as one of TPFs 3 Four Star Generals. TPF was one of those merges that occur on rare occasions when the mix of talent complimented each other and TPF became one very quickly. TPF is what I would call a fun and gun alliance. We like to fight and we like to have fun. We carried over most of our treaties from before notably with \m/ and GOONS.

In Slayer I found someone who saw things much the same way I did. He understood the need for diplomacy and what times and how it should be used. He also understood the how The Bad could be used as an asset to TPF and unleashed him unchained onto Planet Bob. We did have one small problem with the Triumvirate and that was you needed 3 people on to make a decision and while Slayer was very active Geo and Tim were at the time not. We talked about asking Geo and Tim to step down into a new position just under the sole Evil Overlord that would give them the ability to stay in a high level of gov. without it affecting TPFs ability to move quickly when needed. We talked to Geo first and he completely agreed he did not have the time and the we talked to Tim. TimLee is a good guy, he however tends to overreact without thinking at times. We asked what he thought about our idea, he agreed then said he was quitting CN anyway because of time. Then he went on OWF and claimed we coup him and that we were planning on attacking half of Planet Bob. The second part was at least true. We talked about fighting pretty much everyone and how we would do it all the time. We talked with Tim and things got back on track and he has been a friend of the Federation ever since.

We soon fought our first war against.... some Forocoches or such. It was a good training exercise for the army. But something much bigger was brewing on the horizon an alliance called FAN. Now you could see this one coming a mile away. FAN knew how to fight and the loved to go to war. The problem with FAN is they had zero diplomatic skills. If they had them Planet Bob might be a different place today. FAN and GOLD cut off tech raiding on Yellow. This of course was a mess, unlike NPO, they had no coordination or communication and ended up attacking GOONS nations. This also led \m/, TPF and STA to ban yellow nations from raiding on white. That all ended without a war but, the you could see it coming and we were preparing. FAN next attacked Nov out of the blue. Now myself like most of Planet Bob would have not been sad to this happen but, Nov was an NPO protectorate. This was publicly known. FAN appeared to be testing NPO and seeing what sort of support they would get if the went up against them. Now this would have been a good idea if FAN had not been pissing most of Planet Bob off prior to this. FAN was kicked from WUT and war broke out.

TPF enter the war through our treaties and engaged FAN. Say what you will about having a well trained military, lots of nukes and a plan but, when comes down to it if you have failed on the diplomatic front none of that means anything and FAN proved that for anyone who doubted it. The war with FAN was pretty much just tossing nukes around. The good thing from that is we at TPF learned that a nuclear war really was not all that bad. It does a little more damage but in the end it changes nothing. Now we at TPF had nothing against FAN we kind of liked them but we fought them as we would anyone and in the end they were crushed. FAN got peace for the time and when they broke terms we fought the pale shadow that called itself FAN again. To me FAN died after the first war. I refuse to acknowledge the embarrassment the cried and cried during the second war as being FAN. I will not insult FAN that way.

After FAN we joined WUT along with MCXA. WUT was a house divided and we soon find ourselves following an Unjust Path.


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