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So Evil, lol




I am sure this made sense when you thought it, but it obviously lost something in the translation. Either that or you are a moron.

Can you just stop it? Please? It's not all about you anymore. It's not all about Polaris anymore. You have really close friends and allies getting the crap kicked out of them all over the place in part because of stuff you did a year ago. The vast majority of Polaris has the grace and tact to avoid outright insulting the opposing side right now. But not you! You can't muster up the good sense to keep your mouth shut. For goodness sake, they have, and are, outright stating that the death of your alliance would be awesome. Keep your mouth shut and let those folks with a modicum of diplomatic or, hell, just plain common, sense speak. You are seriously making an ass of yourself here.

For the sake of not only your own alliance, but for those of us who have stood in front of you with targets on our chest for years. Shut the hell up, Grub.

Source: Announcement from The Order of the Paradox

Not only was this true, evil and amazing but it was also post 666. Pretty great stuff.



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You know what, win, lose, or draw, Impero did what he believed in his heart that he needed to do, and if more people did that we'd all be a lot better off.

Damn Schatt, you big softie, I'm glad you're finally agreeing with VE on something.

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