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Is that how you like it MK?

Rebel Virginia



Are you to afraid to answer my call out? Why am I not surprised.

Try and ignore it as you will, you've still been called out. Oh yeah, I went there. Double call out.



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Anyway, since some of you may be wondering what this is, I will tell you. This is a blog dedicated to call outs. Whenever I see cowardice or hypocrisy or lies or injustice in CN, and you know its rampant, I'm going to call it out. Right there. Right then. Right in this blog. Right before all the world to see it in plain sight. When the world sees ~tHe CaLlOuT~ they know its serious business. Cause I've had enough of it and I'm not going to take it anymore. I'm calling you out CN.

So far I've gotten some reviews for ~tHe CaLlOuT~ that I'd like to share:

<Ktarthan> quite literally

<Ktarthan> ~tHe CaLlOuT~

<greatmagnus> the gauntlet has been thrown down

<Matthew_Conrad> damn fine

<Matthew_Conrad> damn fine work

<Moridin> that is quite possibly the worst blog post I have ever seen

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How about you saying you'd join GOONS if you had war before you had your WRC? I thought you were a man of your word.

Your call out is not a ~CaLlOuT~ unless it is posted in its own blog entry. That's how it works, Willy.

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