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2011-02-07 VE-NpO-NPO DoW chart




engineer: i dinna how much more she can take captain - she's coming apart at da seams !


Notes: This is a Declaration of War chart, tracking the date of declaration and the alliances involved. Where an alliance has peaced out, the alliance's icon is vertically-shaded with white, the icon border colour gives the date of peace, and the DoW attack lines are dashed. Alliances which have declared for 'both' sides are horizontally-shaded, with their central colour based on their earliest declaration. 'Micro' alliances are not included, with that definition being subjective, and usually based on the total number of nations in the alliance. The grey alliances are currently bystanders. Design priority in this chart has been to minimize x-overs to enhance 'reading' clarity.

also see Seipher's NS-related and nuke-related maps:


and Jharius' most popular map* that includes colour spheres and separates the 2 fronts:


and shadoz is keeping his updated too:


*as voted on by readers of the Amazing Sanction Race who voted in gopherbashi's poll:




Recommended Comments

I know Shadoz has had to start taking the people who've peaced out off of the chart just to keep it organized.

yep, i saw that. the way i've set mine up, that's less of an issue. the main problem is running out of colours (to match dates) and the x-overs introduced by the most recent mass DoW's, seeing as the minor benefit of mine over Jharius' is the attempt to minimize those x-overs. i couldn't imagine doing the stuff that Seipher's doing without a program ...

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