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Wars... 2/5/2011 (End of Day 20 and Day 13 +1 after update)

Jharius II





Are you serious? It looks as if the DH-NPO front is starting to look like the VE-NpO front.

I think that I got everything. If you see anything that I missed or need to change please help me out and reply.

You spied... NO YOU Conflict (END OF DAY 20)

How is this connected... Conflict(END OF DAY 13 + 1 after update)


-----===You spied... NO YOU Conflict===-----


VE = Viridian Entente

PC = Poison Clan


MN = Misfit Nations


SLCB = Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes

RnR = RnR

CMEA = Councils for Militaristic and Economic Assistance

GOD = Global Order of Darkness

Hyd = Hydra

Ath = Athens

Tet = Tetris

INT = The International

ODN = Orange Defense Network

Brig = The Brigade

GO = Guru Order

CRAP = Coalition of Royal Allied Powers

TTK = The Templar Knights

CSN = Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations

Leg = Legacy

Spar = Sparta

NEAT = Nations Empowered Against Totalitarianism

Hool = Hooligans


GRUE = Grand Revolution of Unearthly Evil

Brain = The Brain

Arg = Argent

LSF = Libertarian Socialist Federation

Umb = Umbrella

DICE = Deck of International Card Experts

AO = Alpha Omega

DF = Darkfall

MHA = Mostly Harmless Alliance

SC = The Sandwich Confederation

BN = Basketball Ninjas

CB = Celestial Being

Fark = Farkistan

PPO = Pirates of the Parrot Order

tGE = The German Empire



NpO = New Polar Order

tLW – The Lost World

UPN = United Purple Nations

FAR = Federation of Allied Republics

TIO = The Imperial Order

USN = United Sovereign Nation

IAA = Imperial Assault Alliance

TKTB = The Killer Turtle Brigade

RoK = Ragnarok

57th = 57th Overlanders

TCU = The Conservative Underground

UINE = Union of Integrated National Entities

STA = Siberian Tiger Alliance

GEN = Genesis

ARES = Ascended Republic of Elite States

LoSS = League of Small Superpowers

GATO = Gobal Alliance and Treaty Organization

DRAGON = Down Right Awesome Group of Nations

Meno = Menotah

EXO = Exodus

\m/ = \m/

MCXA = Multicolored Cross-X Alliance

THL = The Hanseatic League

GDA = Global Democratic Alliance

BTA = Blue Turtle Alliance

NV = Nueva Vida

KoH = Kingdom of Hyrule

CCC = Christian Coalition of Countries

TFD = The Foreign Division

TNG = The New Guy

NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization

GLoF = Grand Lodge of Freemasons

Colo = Colossus

Quant = Quantum

WAPA = We Are Perth Army

UBD = United Blue Directorate

Nord = Nordreich

DT = The Dark Templar

CD = Carpe Diem

TPC = The Peoples Community

AB = Aurora Borealis

FHU = Flying Hellfish United



RIA - Random Insanity Alliance


-----===How is this connected... Conflict===-----

Doomhouse and friends

GOON = Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence and Sadism (GOONS)

Umb = Umbrella

MK = Mushroom Kindgdom

FAN = Federation of Armed Nations

\m/ = \m/

OSA = Open Source Alliance

Ath = Athens

ODN = Orange Defense Network


tGR = The Greenland Republic


NPO and friends

NPO = New Pacific Order

LEG = Legion

Sani = Sanitarium

NAC = North American Confederacy

Inv = Regnum Invictorum

64 = 64Digits

TPF = The Phoenix Federation

TLR = The Last Republic

OLY = Olympus

CoJ = Cult of Justitia

NSO = New Sith Order

ASU = Atlantic Sphere Union

ML = Molon Labe

NADC = North Atlantic Defense Coalition


Ava = Avalon

tSI = The Sasori Initiative


Recommended Comments

The International are also attacking Legion as part of CnG.

Thanks for the hard work on these charts!

Thank you much. That will be reflected on the next update.

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First, thank you for all the hard work you put into this!

Second a quick correction, Avalon did not attack FAN, and as far as we know neither did TPF, a quick check of the FAN warpages is showing only NPO nations.

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First, thank you for all the hard work you put into this!

Second a quick correction, Avalon did not attack FAN, and as far as we know neither did TPF, a quick check of the FAN warpages is showing only NPO nations.

I am very sorry for this mistake. I don't know what I was thinking but I forgot that FAN was added into the DH DoW. This will be resolved by the next update. I am sorry if this confused anyone.

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good work Jharius !

whether your decision to split the NPO-DH conflict from the other one was politically-sensitive or not, on a logistics level it sure takes the cake ! both Shadoz and Seipher have decided to drop the alliances who've peaced out. along that line - one minor item spotted - i think the DoW from Hooligan to FAR is still active, so Hooligan should not be white ...

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