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Rammstein & how ended up crossing the country to see a band.

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Prime minister Johns


On the 4th I went to see Rammstein at the Adelaide big day out.

This undertaking required that I make an epic 26 hour road trip from Toowoomba with 4 of my friends passing through the ass end of nowhere, stopping off to see the radio telescope at parkes (the one from the movie "The Dish")

But the concert was awesome and worth every second of the trip, it had all the songs I like with a breathtaking pyrotechnics show, and in the end Till from Rammstein rode a six foot long phallus that sprayed foam and confetti onto the crowd.

Here are some pictures from the trip and more will come when I get back (I am currently in a hotel in chinatown and will be back on the road to return home tomorrow).


Parkes Radio Telescope


At the BDO



So as you can see I have been quite busy, I will now return you to the war blogs.

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I seriously regret not going to BDO. A friend offered to take me as his +1 to the second sydney show. I already had plans but I so should have ditched and gone :(.

Also random fact the small looking box that holds the receiver at the very top of the telescope is 2 stories high.

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