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Protecting Families Through Self Arming Act




Congress has just passed the “Protecting Families Through Self Arming Act” which mandates that every American above the age of 21 buy a handgun. The bill is expected to be signed by the newly elected President next week.

In passing the act House Majority Leader Boehner said “This is a great day as it ensures that all Americans will have the ability to defend themselves in the event of an immediate threat to their person or family.”

Rep. Anthony Weiner of NY spoke out against the bill almost immediately. “This bill is an incredulous overstepping of Congressional authority. Requiring every American to own a handgun is far beyond the scope of what our founding fathers believed.”

Immediately constitutionality concerns were raised by Democratic aids who said that this goes far beyond any bill ever passed by congress before. Their claims have come under scrutiny as members of the GOP have brought up the Supreme Court’s ruling over the Obamacare mandate which upheld the idea that the Commerce Clause allows Congress to control all aspects of commerce, including non-participation in a market.

GOP members in Congress applied the ruling of the Supreme Court as a basis for their mandating that every American buy a handgun stating people’s refusal to own a handgun has driven the prices of handguns “to an all-time high” while leaving American families in danger of attack from “drug gangs” and “people who wish harm to someone.”

As the bill is expected to be signed by the President, the states of New York and California are expected to issue a challenge in federal court to overturn the mandate. Massachusetts, Illinois, Rhode Island, and Maine are all expected to join in the lawsuit. The lawsuit itself has been described as “a pointless waste of federal resources” by members of Congress who said that the issue of mandating a person’s involvement in commerce was already decided in the Obamacare ruling.

Congress is expected to take up action on requiring Americans to buy US made cars to combat the increasing decline of US auto-sales next week with plans to take up the issue of American produced Electronics sometime in the future.

Edit: I did this as a spoof of a future news report........apparently I looked 24 hours into the Future. http://www.argusleader.com/article/20110131/UPDATES/110131031/Bill-would-require-all-S-D-citizens-buy-gun?odyssey=mod|mostview



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O.O In the US people are forced to have a gun at home, over here we are going to vote on whether or not people should be disallowed to keep guns at home at all... This world is crazy.

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