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War Webs... 1/30/2011 (End of Day 14 and Day 7)

Jharius II






You spied... NO YOU Conflict (END OF DAY 14)

How is this connected... Conflict(END OF DAY 7)


-----===You spied... NO YOU Conflict===-----


VE = Viridian Entente

PC = Poison Clan


MN = Misfit Nations


SLCB = Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes

RnR = RnR

CMEA = Councils for Militaristic and Economic Assistance

GOD = Global Order of Darkness

Hyd = Hydra

Ath = Athens

Tet = Tetris

INT = The International

ODN = Orange Defense Network

Brig = The Brigade

GO = Guru Order

CRAP = Coalition of Royal Allied Powers

TTK = The Templar Knights

CSN = Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations

Leg = Legacy

Spar = Sparta

NEAT = Nations Empowered Against Totalitarianism

Hool = Hooligans


GRUE = Grand Revolution of Unearthly Evil

Brain = The Brain

Arg = Argent

LSF = Libertarian Socialist Federation

Umb = Umbrella

DICE = Deck of International Card Experts

AO = Alpha Omega

DF = Darkfall

MHA = Mostly Harmless Alliance

SC = The Sandwich Confederation

BN = Basketball Ninjas



NpO = New Polar Order

tLW – The Lost World

UPN = United Purple Nations

FAR = Federation of Allied Republics

TIO = The Imperial Order

USN = United Sovereign Nation

IAA = Imperial Assault Alliance

TKTB = The Killer Turtle Brigade

RoK = Ragnarok

57th = 57th Overlanders

TCU = The Conservative Underground

UINE = Union of Integrated National Entities

STA = Siberian Tiger Alliance

GEN = Genesis

ARES = Ascended Republic of Elite States

LoSS = League of Small Superpowers

GATO = Gobal Alliance and Treaty Organization

DRAGON = Down Right Awesome Group of Nations

Meno = Menotah

EXO = Exodus

\m/ = \m/

MCXA = Multicolored Cross-X Alliance

THL = The Hanseatic League

GDA = Global Democratic Alliance

BTA = Blue Turtle Alliance

NV = Nueva Vida

KoH = Kingdom of Hyrule

CCC = Christian Coalition of Countries

TFD = The Foreign Division

TNG = The New Guy

NATIO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization

GLoF = Grand Lodge of Freemasons

Colo = Colossus

Quant = Quantum

WAPA = We Are Perth Army

UBD = United Blue Directorate

DT = The Dark Templar

CD = Carpe Diem

TPC = The Peoples Community



RIA - Random Insanity Alliance


-----===How is this connected... Conflict===-----

Doomhouse and friends

GOON = Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence and Sadism (GOONS)

Umb = Umbrella

MK = Mushroom Kindgdom

FAN = Federation of Armed Nations

\m/ = \m/


NPO and friends

NPO = New Pacific Order

LEG = Legion

Sani = Sanitarium

NAC = North American Confederacy

Inv = Regnum Invictorum

64 = 64Digits

TPF = The Phoenix Federation

TLR = The Last Republic

OLY = Olympus

CoJ = Cult of Justitia

NSO = New Sith Order

ASU = Atlantic Sphere Union



Recommended Comments

I'm not sure GOONS has enough counters yet. B-)

I think another 15 alliances or so should be enough, right? I mean, it's not like the rest of Doomhouse needs to be countered or anything :P

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