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What will CN be like in 6 months?

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Prime minister Johns


Well we certainly have a monumental war going on here, DOWs are flying in all directions.

And it is certain that when the dust clears and the winners have their way with the losers there will be a change in the political landscape.

So... the big question is what do you think the CN world will be like six months from now?

How will things change?

Who will be top dog?

And how will this effect everyone?

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The absolute rule of the Flying Tigers will usher in an era of peace and prosperity such as the world has never seen, but beneath the shining veneer of utopia lies a dark underbelly, ever-present in the minds of every ruler but never spoken of in public or private. As individual rulers are quietly disappeared one by one, a rag tag team of underground heroes fights for a freer world. They are... the Rebbellion.

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In 6 months?

We'll probably be rolling someone for spying on us during this war.


I think the prospects are good for the game being interesting politically again, so long as people don't get carried away with peace terms.

edit: before people go crazy with "NPO is going to lose, we dictate terms not you", I'm also talking about the VE-NpO front and its chains.

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We'll see when the peace terms for this war are presented and accepted. Depending on that, and how long the wars go on for, we will know more about who will be the largest power players and what their approach is.

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