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You spied... NO YOU Conflict 1/21/2011 (End of Day 5)

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Jharius II






VE = Viridian Entente

PC = Poison Clan


MN = Misfit Nations


SLCB = Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes

RnR = RnR

CMEA = Councils for Militaristic and Economic Assistance

GOD = Global Order of Darkness

Hyd = Hydra

Ath = Athens

Tet = Tetris

INT = The International

ODN = Orange Defense Network

Brig = The Brigade

GO = Guru Order

CRAP = Coalition of Royal Allied Powers

TTK = The Templar Knights

CSN = Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations

Leg = Legacy


NpO = New Polar Order

tLW – The Lost World

UPN = United Purple Nations

FAR = Federation of Allied Republics

TIO = The Imperial Order

USN = United Sovereign Nation

IAA = Imperial Assault Alliance

TKTB = The Killer Turtle Brigade

RoK = Ragnarok

57th = 57th Overlanders

TCU = The Conservative Underground

UINE = Union of Integrated National Entities

STA = Siberian Tiger Alliance

GEN = Genesis

ARES = Ascended Republic of Elite States

LoSS = League of Small Superpowers

GATO = Gobal Alliance and Treaty Organization

DRAGON = Down Right Awesome Group of Nations

Meno = Menotah


RIA - Random Insanity Alliance

EXO = Exodus

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Recommended Comments

Why STA and not Polaris is the center of the conflict? colbert1.gif

Sorry D34thm but due to layout of the war web there is no way that NpO can be in the middle. This is not a war about VE and NpO anylonger. This has to do with grudges and alliances picking on the weaker. You know that I love NpO but I am not bias when it comes to my blog :gun:.

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You did very well with getting rid of alot of x-overs. In all actuallity if this gets any bigger then it is going to be hard to not have x-overs. Feel free to use any information you need from mine. If I see that you come up with a good layout with less x-overs I might change mine to your layout B-).

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