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How dull




Is war fun?  

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Somewhere during the NEW-DF war, I suddenly realised one thing.

Even war is boring.

Think about it. There's nothing to warring at all. You hit the nuke button, then you rush a couple of GAs and bombing runs, as well as a navy attack or two if you have a decent sized navy that hasn't already been nuked to bits, and afterwards throw a couple of CMs in when you feel like it.

Where's the excitment in that?



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Like with many things in this game, the fun of war isn't actually in-game. It's bragging in your and your opponents channel, or organizing your forces, or watching backroom diplomacy (I'm actually not usually allowed to do that :( but it was fun that one time).

Also, the challenge of hitting three or more people before update and getting all your attacks in on each of them, especially if you're coordinating with others on IRC, is at the very least interesting.

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@zzzptm: I know, but then why are people so hungry for wars?

@sir pwnage: Backroom channels get dull unless there is actual drama going on. Bragging only provides menial entertainment, and if you're organised in peace time, you'll also be organised during war.

Co-ordinating is more of a chore for me, since you're simply just supposed to do it anyway. It's just part of war.

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CN is a game that is largely played in the minds of its players. The mouse-clicking is ancillary; it's absolutely necessary but really isn't the 'point' of the process.

I find the amount of chest-thumping that surrounds wars to be extremely entertaining, but probably not for the same reason others do.

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Right, I'm not going to spell it out for you.

I'm just happy for you that you've become enlightened. That's one person less who will complain about the lack of war in the game on these forums.

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