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Nician RP.

Prime minister Johns



TO: Administrative Assembly

From: Secretary Nike

Subject: Progress report.

The reconstruction of my underground capital city is nearing completion and most of the vital civilian infrastructure has been brought up to 100% efficiency.

The medical facilities are reporting a 35% increase in the birth rate and a 70% improvement in recoveries from radiation exposure.

Food production facilities have been expanded as well with 2 new hydroponic farms being installed on level 2.

Mining is producing usable limestone and iron deposits so the supplies of building materials and excavated areas is now adequate for our needs.

Security reports that the gate area is still sealed and the crime rate remains remarkably low.

The sports and recreation ministry reports of the construction of the recreation area on level 4 and 5 is complete and we can now follow all the sports we enjoyed on the surface.

Communications reports that the data net is now able to cope with official internal transmissions only at this point although in six months we will expand it to include civilian users.

Transportation reports all the lifts and trains are working at full capacity and a upgrade is needed in the near future.



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TO: Administrative Assembly

From: Secretary Nike

Subject: Progress report.

R&D team Athena has succeeded in getting the F-22 Raptor squadron operational again and they have been taken out of storage.

R&D team Hades is still working on it's project and requests 130 million credits worth of equipment to proceed to the next stage of getting the Hades project operational.

Hydroponic food production is now at 150% capacity and we are able to begin sending some grain to the cattle yards and beef is now a regular part of the average citizens diet.

Security reports the gate is still secure.

Recreation & sports facilities are now fully operational and a new 100 seat 3d cinema is now being planned.

Transport is now operation at full capacity.

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TO: Administrative Assembly

From: Secretary Nike

Subject: Progress report.

All the ARCs have been contacted and there is now trade between them by the underground rail network.

Work on the national transport system is scheduled to commence in five days and will facilitate faster and more efficient rail transport of goods between the connected ARCs.

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