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Hello there long lost emails




This morning I received a report from a player that they had sent me an email some time ago but I never received it. So I started sending test emails to myself and I never received those emails either. I logged into my hosting providers site just now and found 242 rather important emails from just the last month that I had never received. Apparently the hosting provider for my primary site email address changed their spam filter settings on me. Looks like I have quite a bit of catching up to do. Apologies to anyone who messaged me but never received a reply. :wacko:



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My favorite screw-ups are:

Not able to receive email on one account but redirecting it to another works, but I need to setup that other account to so I can send mails with that address for picky servers like Google Groups.

Sort of can live with that.

A more recent one:


(For the Windows users thats like putting C:\ as your ftp root)

At least I can still get to my files, and see like every user they have.

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Yeah, I didn't know if it was your end or mine, but I suspected yours (since usually I get a bounce-back in the rare occurrences when one doesn't go through). Glad everything's solved now, though I don't envy you sorting through about 250 emails. That sounds tiring.

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And I thought it was because you didn't love me anymore.

Good news for everyone, though, I now have suddenly acquired a bad 'good-bye world' poem, a half drank bottle of whiskey, and an almost used pistol for sale. PM for prices.

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