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Recent disbandments




We've seen disbandment after disbandment recently, which is highly unsurprising in and of itself - CN is shrinking afterall, and there are less active members around than before, when most of those alliances were founded. What IS surprising are the alliances themselves. The ones I have expected to disband haven't, and the ones I expected to succeed has disbanded.

Of course, Pesarus was an unfortunate incident. Ban evading is never good. I'm not sure I would've treatied with them if I knew that earlier, despite Gandolf being an awesome guy.

Other alliances, however, all seem to have been struck down by the inactivity bug.

So what is it that keeps micros so inactive? No matter how hard I try get activity going in my own alliance, there are particular members that just refuse to go on the forums and IRC. What is it that keeps them in the game(these particular nations are nearly a year old) when they're not having any interaction with other players?

If this trend continues, then many people will get their wish of the huge alliance phenomenon again, despite other alliances still surviving with a small number of players. I personally don't like that, as choice and freedom is an important factor in my gaming/role playing experience. Even so, it would simplify our politics a lot

Just rambling, so if it doesn't make sense... meh. Just trying to get my thoughts out in a half coherent fashion.



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The small alliances don't even get to do anything defining in politics now. What would change if the big alliances were bigger? You'd still have the top defining everything and the smaller powers just lining up.

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I visit a few forums regularly. Some are active; others are not. Nordreich's forum is among the most active I've encountered, and by that I mean more than just the 'spam' areas. Many members take an active role in discussing CN current events,

What I've noticed -- and perhaps this is more germane to the topic -- is that despite recruiting efforts that have been hugely successful for us, the numbers of nations deleting because of inactivity has kept us hovering around the same number of members for quite some time now.

As a casual (ie, non-gov) observer it's quite frustrating to see. I can only imagine how our various recruiters feel.

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