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Five Years

Chief Savage Man



On December 24, 2005, he began to code the game, and Cyber Nations was finally released to the public on January 6, 2006.

If Wikipedia is right, then happy birthday, Cyber Nations (and iFOK). Half a decade is quite an accomplishment.



Recommended Comments

And the worse thing is that I still enjoy every day of it :D

People who understand that this is a nationsim/political game will always enjoy it for so long as there are othe people playing (or until they get tired of the gameplay itself). People that misunderstand CN as a war game will be bored out of their minds and either bear down and be bored for months on end, or quit and go back to Duke Nukem and Civilization.

In 4 years, there've been times I didn't like the politics, but I've always had fun.

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