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Two Years - RIP

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On January 4th, 2009, a great Hitchhiker and member of our community passed away. Denzin was the epitome of a true Hitchhiker; he was smart, funny, loyal, and hard-working. He built our banking department, always showed class and respect in diplomacy, a leading Senator and then Triumvir, and a friend to many in Planet Bob. His leadership in MHA saw our greatest moments, our strongest gains, our alliance-defining achievements. He will always be our greatest Hitchhiker, the person we try to do proud.

I was sitting in IRC the last night when a newbie inquired as to who Denzin was. Quickly he was shown to the Wiki Page, and the others in the room were also quick to fill in the newbie on everything Denzin had done, and the kind of person he was. There were people who never met him but who knew everything about him; knew why he was so important to us as an alliance, as players of this game, as people in the real world - and why we remember him two years on. Long may his legacy and memory be honored, even if it is in quiet ways such as this.

In addition to the wiki above, you can also view the Memorial Page, read the many, many respects left by CN members and leave your own if you wish.

Rest in Peace Denzin

MHAil o/

I don't what (if anything) is being planned as memorial this year, so I decided to make this post here. Something needs to be said.

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Denzin was one of the most kind hearted people in this game. I really do miss him, and I wish we still had him around to be the light that people needed. Over the past two years, this game has taken a trend to more people being horrible to each other instead of kind. It really makes me realize how much he was truly worth.

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