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It giet oan? (it is on?)




Being a strange little country in the middle of no where deep below sea-level, we have a small part that is like there own little Gallia named Friesland. Bravely giving resistance to the invading Hollanders beating them in the first war but losing the second one. Though its still there today like that birthmark you never liked, even having its own language listed as a official language.

Its now surprise then that they bring strange traditions with them, every Frisian turns in a mad man when it starts to snow. Its almost a instinct that when it starts to be colder than 0C they will be already measuring the thickness of the ice (most of the times already whit the ice skates around there necks). So its natural that they will speculate about the Elfstedentocht(Eleven Cities Tour) its not just a ice skating even its THE ice skating event, its unique and almost a privilege if you are picked (by lottery) to ride it. 15,000 amateur skating 200 km over rivers, canals and lakes no matter the weather, frozen limbs aren't that rare at all.


The last one was in 1997, this year it actually looks like it is possible again, so now we only have to wait for one Frisian to say "It giet oan!" to start. But for now we can watch the



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