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My dislike of finals




First, it should be noted that the school I am going to likes to add required classes to my major and say "You have to take these to graduate even though you already know all the material."


This week (13-17) is the semesters finals week for me, as it is for many elsewhere. However, I only had final projects rather than exams to take. These projects are: one animation, one website and an English portfolio. This past week has been one of those that makes it hard to keep track of the little things, that really matter. Starting last Tuesday, I arrived at the school to put in my work at class. I had very lightly started the website project months earlier by sketching out some plans for the home page navigation. So during class I started to work out the structure of the entire website and I then went to work on the animation (by animation I do not mean flash animation or anything. Completely hand drawn.) However, when I arrived to class I realized I did not have the character sheet I needed for it and it just so happened, the instructor decided to miss that day. Oh joy. So with no way to begin animation I simply worked on some concept art for out of class freelance projects (I have to pay for school somehow.)

I next came to those classes on Thursday. I arrived to the first lab to start develop more on my website. From 1-6PM I fleshed out and debugged a flash banner for a single page and started my concepts of the other pages. I then rushed over to the other lab (my class in there runs from 4-6:15PM) and quickly grabbed the character sheet before he left. I promptly started animation till around 9.

Classes officially ended that day, but Friday was deemed a Study Day. So I went in on Friday and worked some more on both till labs closed at 5PM and did it again on Saturday until labs closed at 3PM. I enjoyed the rest of my weekend with family and Sunday night came. My English portfolio was due the next morning at 7AM. The English portfolio was just a few of the papers I had written over the semester, and other things. No real hard work, so I just printed off the papers and stuff. However, it was around 2AM at this time and I knew I would ignore my alarm with that little of sleep. I have a bad habit of turning them off without really waking up. Being imperative I get to class I stayed up all night.(the English portfolio was a pass or fail thing. And I don't want to retake English.) Now 5AM came and I got ready and went to the store. I picked up a binder and 2 sharpies and drove to the University. I live about 30 miles away from it. I turned it in and went back home to take a nap.

Now that the back story is covered and we are back up to the present almost. The true reason of why I am having a horrible week. I had it written down that my Animation was due Tuesday 3PM (today) and my Website was due Thursday 1PM. With my lack of sleep I woke up at 1:30PM and got ready. However I looked at my phone and it said I had missed an Event. I checked it and it said "Web Due 1 PM Event Missed." Obviously I had put 2 different times down and I was officially confused. I would hate to fail a class such as that. It was one of those classes that got added to the requirements and on the first day I already knew greatly more about the subject than the professor. So I went to her website and checked up when she marked it. It said Tuesday 1PM. So I was at a loss. I clearly just failed a ridiculous class that had a ridiculous instructor. I emailed the professor, "I assume that the Final presentation was today :D". I'm an accepting person if your wondering about the smiley. If I failed I failed I just wanted to make sure it was today. Now I thought my Final projects weren't due on the same day but I drove to the school and checked just to make sure. I looked inside the Animation lab and I didn't see the instructor or anyone I really recognized so I went home. When I finally got home I got this:

Come Thursday during your time slot. It has always been scheduled for

Thursday, December 16.

What the $%&@? I realized I probably did just miss my Animation final because her website stated Tuesday, December 14th. So once again. What the $%&@?

I don't just dislike finals. I hate school entirely.



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So you really did miss the animation final? I'm somewhat confused. Personally, I prefer test finals to project or paper finals since I dislike having to put up with deadlines.

I have no clue. The animation professor I have is audjunct so his email and phone isn't listed in the school staff search. I'm 80% sure I missed it because I do remember having the final projects due on separate days.

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