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Henry Rollins




This is my first blog and I'm writing because it is a good way to collect thoughts, explore opinions and share experiences.

Today, as I was driving home after a practical exam (I'm a health care worker), I saw four transports competing with one another for spacing on the road. I sped past them to avoid the dangerous congestion and one of the trucks insisted on passing another (which is unsafe) and pulled behind me.

I made a right turn on to an on-ramp and looked over at the intersection which I was avoiding. The light had turned red and the transport which was behind me just kept going; there was an old man in a car at the intersection who had been waiting for the light to turn green.

When it turned, he approached and then entered the intersection just as the transport blew through; it tore off the entire front half of his vehicle at about 80-90 kms an hour. The car flew and then rested on the shoulder.

I did a u-turn and three other witnesses went over to his vehicle. We couldn't get the doors opened (automatic locks) and the windows were shut. He was in shock, chewing on his fingers and appeared to be conscious but was uncommunicative. After two minutes, he listened to us when we asked him to unlock his door and he put his window down. Just as the window went down, his entire cabin filled with smoke.

His air bag had gone off so it may have been the powder but there was a burning smell and fluids dripping everywhere. We made the decision to assist him out of the vehicle after he was visibly coughing.

Resting him at the side of the road, I comforted him and looked over my shoulder; seeing a little wooden cross which had been placed there as a memorial to the death of some one's loved one at the same intersection a few months ago.

I didn't let him see it. EMS arrived and I guess he's at the hospital now, we all provided witness reports.

Anyway, this entire scenario took five minutes to happen. Just five minutes.

It could have happened to any of us.

It could have been me.

It could have been you.

No one is invincible.

Let's use our heads this holiday season and I wish everyone here (I've been playing this game so long that I consider every CN player to be a friend) a safe and very Merry Christmas.



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