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Survivor 8




Survivor 8  

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The first statistics for Survivor 8 will be collected on November 30th; two days from now. This makes December 1st the first day you can be eliminated.

Since the RL 8th season of Survivor was an All-Star Edition, it makes sense that this should be as well. The contestants for this season will be anyone who finished in the top three of the previous Survivor editions. The format of this will take us back to Season Three, where FAN and NATO fought it out - Last Man Standing style - in a fierce competition that only ended in a tiebreak after 28 days without a loss for either alliance.

Well hold on to your hats, because we're doing it again. ;) Gain score, and you stay in the race. Lose score, and you're the weakest link.

One slight rule change will be introduced for this edition:

  • Any alliance who has a change of +0.00 becomes part of the living undead. These zombies survive to remain in competition, but will be killed if they hit +0.00 a second time.

I'm currently debating another rule change, and have decided to put this one up to a popular vote:

  • Last time we did this, many strong contenders were eliminated on the first day, and their overall performance didn't reflect their final result. We have the option of making this double-elimination; where one loss lets you move on, but a second loss gets you removed. On the positive side, it's a bit more forgiving - but on the other hand, that's kind of the point.

The 22 alliances who will contest the 8th season of Survivor are the following:

Survivor 1

  • R&R
  • We Are Perth Army
  • Independent Republic of Orange Nations

Survivor 2

  • Monos Archein
  • The Grämlins
  • Nueva Vida

Survivor 3

  • Federation of Armed Nations
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • Independent Republic of Orange Nations*

Survivor 4

  • The Foreign Division
  • Nueva Vida*
  • Mostly Harmless Alliance**
  • Mushroom Kingdom**

Survivor 5

  • Poison Clan
  • The International
  • Viridian Entente

Survivor 6

  • New Pacific Order
  • The Legion
  • Green Protection Agency

Survivor 7

  • Argent
  • The Templar Knights
  • iFOK

* - IRON & NV were each in the top three multiple times. Their governments may select any alliance they wish to fill their extra position. Please contact me or post in this blog before the first statistics are collected. Should you not contact me before then, I'll select on your behalf.

** - Survivor 4 did not have a third-place matchup; therefore, both semi-finalists have been included.



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