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Target: John McCain & DADT 2.0

Prince Imrahil



I just watched a clip from Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" about John McCain's stance on the possible repeal of D.A.D.T. and I have to say that it was fairly devastating.

He has been saying for years that when the military leaders come to him and say let's get rid of it, he would support the repeal. Earlier this year, Defense Secretary (Robert Gates) and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs (Admiral Mike Mullen) expressed their support for the repeal (it should be noted that the Commandant of the Marines has said he is against at least until the Afghanistan conflict is over). So McCain should be for repeal now, right? Wrong. He then said that a year long study should be performed to look at the effects of the repeal. Well, a study, almost a year long, has concluded and according to leaked information, 70% of service persons have no problem with the repeal. So McCain should be for repeal now, right? Wrong again. Now he is say that there need to be Congressional hearings (which I think have actually been done within the last year, but I would have to check that to be sure). Of course hearings would push any vote on D.A.D.T. past the end of the current lame-duck session, after which Republicans will be in control of the House of Representatives and there will be no practical chance of repeal for a long time. From my personal point of view, it is 100% clear that John McCain is categorically against the repeal of D.A.D.T. and he will do anything in his power as a Senator to block it (he pretty much said so himself multiple times).

The clip goes on to talk about how when stories are told about social changes and movements, there is usually a bad guy, like George Wallace in the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's. That is pretty much going to be John McCain's place in history where this particular issue is concerned.

You can see the clip HERE.



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