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Questions: The Price of Admission

Prince Imrahil



What is "the price of admission" you might ask. Let's put it this way. When you are in a relationship, (particularly a long-term romantic relationship) there are certain things about the other person that you may not particularly like about them. However, you have to put up with these negatives because all things considered, you love the other person. This can include things like snoring, messiness, quoting certain films on a constant basis, and so on.

So my question to you all is this: what is/are your price(s) of admission?

As for me, I hum/whistle a lot (I blame my mother for exposing me to so much classical music as a child), I'm a Tolkien addict, and I tend to slip in and out of Spanish and German.



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I tend to be very introspective, which for some people is a turn off - I always appreciate discussions about very 'deep' issues, and why I believe certain things.


I'm not going to date or marry someone who doesn't appreciate that so I guess it's not really an issue.

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