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Time Changes




I remember joining during the Q era, being and new to Foreign Affairs but SNOW was my first venture into being on my own while being part of TOOL. Something to run all on my own, I stayed throughout the years, becoming Council, deputy Hand of Foreign Affairs and then finally Hand of Foreign Affairs. I've seen much in my time in TOOL and watch myself approach 1000 days and wonder how many eras of Planet Bob will pass before I finally put down the torch?

It has still been painful to see all the faces come and go and the most painful one was recently watching the longtime leader of TOOL - Graham and Dodo respectively step down and pass over the torch to me. This is never a position I thought or hoped to have. Certainly not one I wanted. But then again - a true leader sees all the work to be done and never really rests.

The other day I was shocked when I realized the larger alliance is only about 600 nations, and the top sanctioned alliances are all between 200-300. I thought TOOL was on the smaller side with 180 because I remember when we were 300 but it seems it is a Planet Bob wide thing. 180 is big now compared to when NPO was nearing 1000.

So many things have changed when IRON is only 511 nations and others I remember at 600 are now 280. I thought people were kidding about recruiting being tough now but I can see why with the shrinking numbers and not many newer ones coming in.

So many more faces are leaving now and more aren't coming in. It is hard to see what keeps us going in this world. Some of us say community but when communities are suffering from inactivity and slowly wasting away, I wonder what the future of Planet Bob is and how this will impact us all. It gets difficult to watch friends leave. The numbers shrink every day.



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I know the feeling.

Although I would argue that you have had far greater relevance than I in this world, and most would likely agree, it is neat to look at another perspective coming from someone who has spent the same amount of time in CN but not always in the same place.

I do indeed remember the time where NPO was around 1000 members, just after I joined CCC. Hell, I remember several times where CCC hit the 100-member mark. They've actually been pretty consistent at keeping close to that number in spite of the exodus of nations. Whereas many alliances are far smaller than they were at their apex. I mean, look at TOOL. We had around 350 before Karma. Granted around 50 of those were ghosts. :((

What keeps me around is the RP opportunities. I don't give a rat's what people say about my Wiki section or newspaper blog. I like an immersive environment and am an actor and author at heart, and CN is my stage and my manuscript.

I do agree, though. Watching friends depart for other realms is indeed saddening. :(

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Hey, don't look at me. I've recruited, directly or indirectly, 8 players over my time span, and I think 3 are still playing.

The rest of you need to pull your weight! Perhaps you hang out with the "popular" kids too much. Try the nerds

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I also was hoping for an honest and frank dialogue on the pros and cons of Daylight Savings.

Also, try using a browser that can spell/grammar check. Or reading a book.

No need to be a jerk.

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I did a blog post about the game dying as well.. even tried to get people to use their talent to make banners and stuff..

no dice... dont know what to say to this..

I have no intention to declare Planet Bob is dying. The politics surely will be impacted by shrinking numbers, if anything, I am more curious how this will impact Planet Bob in the long run. I've seen communities in other world live for years beyond when people proclaimed it was dying. Just because it is different from what it used to be doesn't mean it is in fact dead.

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I also was hoping for an honest and frank dialogue on the pros and cons of Daylight Savings.

Also, try using a browser that can spell/grammar check. Or reading a book.

Considering my spelling and grammar is quite fine, I think you're either being one of those strict English people like my teacher or you just don't have anything better to do. There is a thing called walking away if you don't like what someone has to say. If you think I am below you, then simply don't post.

Snarky comments meant to make someone come across as idiots reflects more upon you than the person you're trying to belittle.

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I hear you girl. Let's hope Admin does too. :P

Don't get all depressed though, those that stay are the real die-hards. These are the people that make or break the game, so as long as they stick around the future is safe.

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Well one of the reasons is that there is alot of alliances out there now compared to 2006 and 2007.

That reasoning doesn't explain it because there are less nations now total than there were in 2006/2007 and the number of alliances are actually dropping, not increasing. At one point that was true in 2008/2009 but not so now. We're down to 20k when there used to be 30k + back in 2006/2007. It is hard to bring new blood into any alliance because there simply aren't many people joining. The many alliances thing doesn't really impact the numbers of larger alliances when on a total level, bigger alliances have less people and there aren't many people coming in - which means a downward trend of people joining.

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