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Highlights from WCE: Director's Cut




It recently came to my attention that there was a second, higher channel than #strategos. This channel, #redtech was where the higher government members of the WCE coalition briefly assembled. The channel did not last long, however, as the coalition was disbanded for the reasons highlighted in the last WCE entries.

Let the backpedaling begin!

Session Start: Tue Oct 05

Session Ident: #redtech

[23:34] * Now talking in #redtech

[23:34] * Topic is '1 head of state, 1 other gov'

[23:34] * Set by Schattenmann on Wed Oct 06 00:29:30

Naturally, Schattenmann led the coalition in this channel too.

[23:35] <~Schattenmann> It's good to discuss, but that's not what's happening in the other room anymore

[23:35] <HeroofTime55> Yes

[23:35] <MyWorld[DT]> yup

[23:35] <~Schattenmann> If we go the UPN route, it's in UPN's court

[23:35] <HeroofTime55> Let RV in gere, he's NSO #2 and a smart guy

Here you can see them assembling the channel. RV was a natural choice. I don't know why they let ~HeroofTime55~ in though.

[23:35] <bud> look i agree goons needs to be rolled but it does no one any good if we throw ourselves at the wall only to be beaten down and leave them in a better spot than they are now

Bud, laying down some facts. His presence is much more pronounced here than in the other channel, and he voices a very strong desire to have us rolled.

[23:36] * Rebel_Virginia () has joined #redtech

[23:36] <Rebel_Virginia> What is this?

[23:36] <~Schattenmann> We're selling tech

[23:36] <~Schattenmann> 3m/75

Schattenmann makes a funny.

[23:36] <HeroofTime55> My original plan, before any of this blew up this big, was to set a honeypot micro on red

[23:36] <Atlashill[invicta]> Why red?

[23:37] <HeroofTime55> Because of the safari

[23:37] <MyWorld[DT]> level head talk about this with out the cross debates.

[23:37] <~Schattenmann> Woah woah, hold on. Am I missing anyone

I will never get tired of the hilarity that is the idea of the honeypot micro, even if we attacked it, we would never agree to unreasonable reparations.

[23:37] <HeroofTime55> You take 5-7 red nations, 8-10k with no nukes

[23:37] <HeroofTime55> It's the perfect target for GOONS

[23:38] <Atlashill[invicta]> Problem, though, is that it's on red.

[23:38] <Atlashill[invicta]> Us and NPO.

[23:38] <Atlashill[invicta]> We come to their rescue, and the sympathy factor might not be in there.

So naive.

[23:38] <Poyples> I mean, the chances of them hitting a honey pot are just as likely as them screwing up another different raid

[23:38] <Biff[CoJ]> The safari doesn't really have steam anymore

[23:38] <Thor|NoR> NPO has to be at the end of our line

[23:38] <Atlashill[invicta]> Right.

[23:38] <Thor|NoR> not the beginning

[23:38] <HeroofTime55> Make it an STA protectorate

Oh, and another interesting thing of note, another NoR named Thor is in this one. I don't know his position, but I'm sure it's quite high up there if he's in this channel.

[23:39] * Random () has joined #redtech

[23:39] * ChanServ sets mode: +b

[23:39] * Random was kicked by ChanServ (You are not permitted to be on this channel.)

[23:39] <Cookavich[NpO]> random is liaison

[23:39] <MrWhiteOcUK> ffffffffff

[23:39] <MrWhiteOcUK> let random in

Enter Random, the new NpO emperor, not the grandest entry though. Interesting that MrWhite would use the traditional GOONS 'ffffffffff' though.

[23:39] <Atlashill[invicta]> If it's an STA protectorate, MK would have to think twice about defending GOONS.

[23:40] <HeroofTime55> Yes

[23:40] <Atlashill[invicta]> Because they'd be going against one of their longest-standing friends.

[23:40] <HeroofTime55> And people don't like to $%&@ with STA at all

[23:40] <Atlashill[invicta]> True.

wishfulthinking.txt, STA probably wouldn't go with that anyway.

[23:40] <Rebel_Virginia> Wait, what are we doing in here?

[23:40] <~Schattenmann> We're trying to sort this out on the UPN side first

[23:41] <~Schattenmann> random's added

RV asks the question everybody in that channel should have.

[23:41] <Atlashill[invicta]> The only way to sort it out on UPN's end is to fake another government crisis.

I have no idea what he's talking about, but it's still funny.

[23:41] <MrWhiteOcUK> the other channel is a cluster of "hurrr durrrr, my opinion is best"

This channel will prove much more concise, if nothing else.

[23:41] <Rebel_Virginia> I want to roll GOONS, but we need a damn solid CB to win over the deciding factors.

[23:41] <Rebel_Virginia> I'll work on somethings to do something.

[23:41] <~Schattenmann> RV please hold off 1 second

I wonder what the somethings were.

[23:42] <~Schattenmann> The CB is what we're working on

[23:42] <Atlashill[invicta]> But the only way I can think of is for UPN gov to countermand each other.

[23:42] <@TCK> Ok where are we at

Work that CB, baby, also some TCK fellow shows up.

[23:42] <Rebel_Virginia> Between you fellows, I'm considering becoming GOON bait.

RV, you know we would never think of attacking youuuuuuuUUuuu.

[23:43] <HeroofTime55> I wish I didn't yell at goons to put me on their no raid list, so !@#$@#$ dumb of me


[23:44] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> the aid was not accepted

[23:44] <~Schattenmann> Ok PEggy will bring us all up to speed

[23:44] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> I messaged the nation to deny it

Here we go again. As stated before in the previous logs, the individual nations mistakenly reached an agreement on their own without consulting either government. A mistake that I already agreed to compensate UPN for if they could provide damages.

[23:46] * Random () has joined #redtech

[23:46] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Random

Almost 10 minutes later, random finally enters the channel.

[23:46] <@TCK> ODN is paying the 15 mil a pop for those members

[23:46] <@TCK> ??

[23:46] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> http://www.cybernati...ation_ID=401396

[23:46] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> yes

[23:46] <Poyples> so what's the current reps situation with the 100 day old UPN nation if the 1mil is cancelled?

[23:46] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> OsRavan and I are not in agreement

[23:47] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> it isn't cancelled in my view

[23:47] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> I linked the nation above

[23:47] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> follow that link and check his aid screen

[23:47] <MrWhiteOcUK> I think CN had a brainfart

[23:47] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> it is not accepted

[23:47] <MrWhiteOcUK> It wasn't appearing in the aid screen

[23:47] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> yep

[23:47] <MrWhiteOcUK> then was after a refresh

Here they are continuing to discuss the dead issue.

[23:47] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> so

[23:47] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> OsRavan negotiated and goons accepted all without anyone from UPN in volved

[23:47] <Poyples> well it's not to be accepted... so are GOONS going to negotiate or are they sticking to the $1mil story they told you?

[23:47] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> they are trying to avoid a world war

[23:47] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> and going behind my back to do it

It was for their benefit that they did. You are incredibly foolish if you think that UPN could have won that conflict.

[23:47] <@TCK> The oroblem there peggy is that if goons releases those members and no longer oursues them then this is a dead deal

[23:47] <@TCK> problem*

[23:47] <Atlashill[invicta]> Because it'll tear their bloc apart.

[23:48] <Atlashill[invicta]> ODN's going C&G>UPN from the looks of it. :/

[23:48] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> exactly

[23:48] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> hence my utter frustration at this moment

[23:48] <~Schattenmann> You could cancel the treaty :P

[23:48] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> I am discussing that at this moment

Thus UPN's decision to drop ODN takes root.

[23:48] <@TCK> Still does not matter

[23:48] <@TCK> If goons removes them from the EoG list

[23:49] <@TCK> and peaces out UPN has nothing left to go after here

Whoever TCK is, he's right.

[23:49] <HeroofTime55> $%&@

[23:49] <HeroofTime55> I hate ODN so much

[23:49] <HeroofTime55> >_>

I'm sure the feeling is mutual.

[23:49] <~Schattenmann> Ok guys

[23:49] <~Schattenmann> The point of this one is that half of CN isn't in it

[23:49] <@Random> lol odn?

Finally random becomes active, minutes later.

[23:52] <Rebel_Virginia> Is ODN canceling on UPN?

[23:52] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> no

[23:52] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> but upn is mad enough to do just that

[23:52] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> but I see your point

[23:52] <HeroofTime55> OK one representative from every alliance I say, exceptions only if you're a !@#$@#$ genius

[23:52] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> it would be bad for me to cancel

It would, peggy, for you anyway.

[23:55] <Rebel_Virginia> Peggy_Sue|UPN: Keep the ODN treaty.

[23:55] <Rebel_Virginia> That's what I would advise.

[23:55] <Atlashill[invicta]> Agreed.

[23:55] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> yes

[23:55] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> I shall

Or not.

[23:55] <Poyples> the more ties to CnG alliances the better for either keeping them out, or even bringing them over

[23:56] <Atlashill[invicta]> Agreed.

[23:56] * @MyWorld[DT] () Quit (Quit: A day without sunshine is like .... night)

[23:56] <Atlashill[invicta]> With UPN

[23:56] <Atlashill[invicta]> Er, the UPN in out,

UPN will bring C&G to fight for them, durr.

[23:56] <@WARLORD44[uPN-MoD]> Ok really quick i need to know..... what is the plan

[23:56] <Atlashill[invicta]> We should look into Hero's plan.

[23:56] <@HeroofTime55> That would be red honeypot micro alliance

[23:57] <@TCK> The only possible angle left with the UPN thing as I see it is to play up the ukomb disbandment. IF they did actually formally disband prior to those members leaving for upn then there is a PR angle to be played here

Gotta love red honeypot microalliances.

[23:57] <Poyples> I don't see them as more likely to hit a honeypot than any other bad raid, and a bad raid on a well connected alliance will cause more waves than a new small and irrelevant alliance

[23:57] <Atlashill[invicta]> It shouldn't have to be red if STA's protecting it.

[23:57] <Atlashill[invicta]> And they conveniently delay on announcing the protectorate.

Everyone who deals with raid incidents knows that if nothing is on the wiki, forums, or bios, there is no case for reparations to be paid. It would have been funny to see WCE try to pull this off.

[23:57] <@HeroofTime55> Red makes GOOBS more attracted to it

[23:57] <@HeroofTime55> And yes

[23:57] <@HeroofTime55> That

[23:57] <@HeroofTime55> A delayed protectorate announcement

[23:58] <Biff[CoJ]> For a real micro look, it would have to be multi

[23:58] <~Schattenmann> yeah

[23:58] <Atlashill[invicta]> Agree with Biff.

Multi you say?

[23:58] <~Schattenmann> It can be any little group of nations

[23:58] <Atlashill[invicta]> Multicolored micro = disorganized appearance.

[23:58] <~Schattenmann> Any one of us can make a wiki stub that says its protected by whichever one os us chooses

[23:58] <@HeroofTime55> yes

[23:58] <Atlashill[invicta]> With two OWF loudmouths at the helm.

[23:59] <Grumpdogg[NpO]> i really can't see Polar being a part of this ridiculous scheme

Grumpdogg is the voice of reason in this channel, interesting given what he said in the other.

[00:00] <Atlashill[invicta]> If STA don't like the idea of protecting a honeypot, then the most honeypot ideas are out.

[00:00] <Poyples> I also can't see any concocted scheme working too well, I would rather wait for an inevitable GOONS mistake than get caught forcing one

And here once again is the presumption that a raid incident will lead to a losing war for us. It won't. Stop waiting for it. We handle all raid incidents appropriately, and will continue to do so.

[00:00] <~Schattenmann> I think the fake AA is pie in the sky

[00:00] <Grumpdogg[NpO]> we're worried about the legit CB not being enough to sway people and you're seriosuly trying to create some fairy tale?

[00:00] <@TCK> agreed

[00:00] <Grumpdogg[NpO]> get a grip

[00:00] <Grumpdogg[NpO]> go aid Methrage

[00:00] <Poyples> Dopp tried that one, doesn't work apparently :P

[00:01] <SCM|Studies> good to see some common sense

[00:01] <SCM|Studies> :P

Methrage is a running joke even in these circles apparently.

[00:02] <Atlashill[invicta]> OK, we go to the wait-and-see.

[00:02] <Cookavich[NpO]> lets see how UPN pans out

[00:02] <~Schattenmann> If the situation with UPN gets resolved then I guess we'll have to wait and see how long before logs of tonight hit the OWF.

Not long, fortunately.

[00:03] <Grumpdogg[NpO]> the talk of stupid schemes in the other chan pretty much kills our coalition when it goes public

No, the composition of your terrible coalition, and the fact that it's led by Schatt kills it.

[00:04] <Atlashill[invicta]> Unless someone uses it as a CB to attack all of us simultaneously.

[00:04] <@HeroofTime55> Just brainstorming, but the schemes were rejected

[00:04] <Atlashill[invicta]> Which is unlikely.

[00:04] <Atlashill[invicta]> (And logs do get edited conveniently, mind you.)

[00:05] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> well that is a distinct possibility...we're all attacked for scheming

[00:05] <Peggy_Sue|UPN> that'd solve the cb problem

[00:05] <Atlashill[invicta]> True, but I suspect they'll only attack some of us.

[00:06] <Atlashill[invicta]> As to, well, scatter the rest of us.

Fortunately for the denizens of the logs, it was not in our best interest to declare war.

[00:06] <@HeroofTime55> then we have to make a pact

[00:06] <@HeroofTime55> that if they strike one of us, we all go

[00:06] <@HeroofTime55> hm, is that wise?

Pretty quick idea turnover there.

[00:06] <@HeroofTime55> If it's over the logs I guess

[00:07] <Atlashill[invicta]> Which means someone in the room would have been a backstabber.

Not so much someone as many different people, to be honest.

[00:08] <pezstar> Just remember, guys.

[00:08] <pezstar> It won't take but a day or two for GOONS to $%&@ up again.

It's been how many weeks? And yet, nothing.

[00:08] <Atlashill[invicta]> We need to set up a watchtower.

[00:09] <Atlashill[invicta]> Monitor their raids.

Good luck with that, we have multiple full positions for just that. Have fun sorting through our hundreds of raids looking for the oh so precious CB.

[00:09] <~Schattenmann> Ok, I think the other chanel pretty much served its purpose

[00:09] <~Schattenmann> Let's keep this to Heads of State and one or two other gov

[00:09] <@HeroofTime55> yes

[00:09] <Atlashill[invicta]> Sounds like a plan.

[00:09] <Atlashill[invicta]> I'll advise Jorost to check in here when he's on.

[00:10] <~Schattenmann> I know every minister of whatever wants to be SOP in a secret channel--I did when I was--but that's why we all have gov-only forums

The channel, as unceremoniously as it came into being, disbands, having gone through the exact same thought processes as the other one, with the same amount of nothing to show for it.

[00:13] <~Schattenmann> Any alliances missing in here?

[00:14] <pezstar> They're not attacking anyone on Sunday

[00:14] <Cookavich[NpO]> IAA

[00:14] <~Schattenmann> Who do I need to add from IAA?

[00:14] <Cookavich[NpO]> Voodoo

[00:14] <~Schattenmann> ok

[00:14] <~Schattenmann> I forgot he's not NpO anymore

I'm sure he does too.

[00:15] <~Schattenmann> ok he's added

[00:15] <~Schattenmann> I know but I forget lol

[00:15] <~Schattenmann> I still think potato is ODN

[00:15] <@HeroofTime55> potato is bad news

[00:15] <@HeroofTime55> odn is bad news

potato: literally an odn member.

[00:15] * Voodoo () has joined #redtech

[00:15] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Voodoo

[00:15] <@HeroofTime55> lets hope goons $%&@ up before it gets to the tater

I've never heard the phrase "before it gets to the tater", can a rural citizen explain it to me?

[00:22] <Atlashill[invicta]> What do we do about preparing ourselves for war?

[00:22] <@HeroofTime55> Heggo but i dunno his nick

[00:22] <~Schattenmann> MegaAros boogied on over to CoJ officially so I'm bringing him in as MoD

[00:22] <Atlashill[invicta]> We've pretty much determined we're going to respond to a future GOONS feck-up.

[00:22] <Cookavich[NpO]> good catch

Yes, have fun with that. Good to know that we can "screw up" and force them to destroy themselves at our leisure though.

[00:22] <Atlashill[invicta]> But we can't throw a thousand nations on the, ill prepared.

[00:23] <@HeroofTime55> for now we have the advantage of surprise

[00:23] <Atlashill[invicta]> Nor can we just start building up navies and stuff without anyone knowing.

[00:23] <@Voodoo> Procure tech

[00:23] <@HeroofTime55> you should already have navies built dude

[00:23] <@HeroofTime55> :/

[00:23] <@HeroofTime55> i mean idk modern cn prep

[00:23] <Atlashill[invicta]> Actually, I'm under 1000 land.

[00:24] <@Voodoo> really?

[00:24] <Atlashill[invicta]> Navies can't touch me.

[00:24] <@HeroofTime55> but i used to maintain a full military at all times

Worst Military Ever.

[00:24] <@Voodoo> During war, if you're winning, you'll gain land

Except for the whole getting nuked thing, sure.

[00:24] <~Schattenmann> Ok, I'm going to bed

Schatt exits, stage left.

[00:26] <~Schattenmann> If I missed anyone that is a head of state (or his appointed) rep or top-level, directly involved gov add them. Please don't add every minister of recruitment and deputy of sock drawers and adviser-to-whoever. MoDs, heads of state you get the idea

It won't help, Schatt. I will always find the truth, for there is always somebody on our side in an unexpected place, as high up as you can go.

[00:27] <@Voodoo> I don't see +k

[00:27] <~Schattenmann> I took the pass off once I got you guys in

[00:28] <@HeroofTime55> is this thing secret

[00:28] <~Schattenmann> and set up the access list

[00:28] <@Voodoo> It's +s

[00:28] <~Schattenmann> yep its secret

Relativity secret, anyway.

[00:32] * ChanServ sets mode: +o bud

[00:32] <@bud> sorry all had a melt down

[00:32] <@HeroofTime55> I'm off to bed as are others

[00:32] <@bud> fair enough

[00:32] * Daikos{DF} is now known as Daikos{SleeP}

[00:32] <@bud> any determination on UPN CB?

[00:32] <@HeroofTime55> Class till 2 PM tomorrow then I should be back

[00:33] <@HeroofTime55> UPN is shot, we're playing the waiting game AFAIK

[00:33] <@TCK> no go bud

[00:34] <~Schattenmann> May still be able to pull it out of the fire but that will be seen tomorrow

[00:34] <~Schattenmann> goodnight guys

[00:34] <Cookavich[NpO]> what Schattenmann said

[00:34] <Cookavich[NpO]> its all up to them now

[00:34] <@bud> night schat

[00:34] <Cookavich[NpO]> night

And with that, the king leaves, and the pawns follow. Nothing more is said in this channel after Schatt leaves.

So there you have it, I hope nobody was disappointed, but there is not a whole lot more that can be milked from the incident. Hopefully in the future Schatt will once again put his considerable coalition building skills to the test to make a worthy PB cracking coalition. Worthy of our attention anyway.



Recommended Comments

Sardonic, don't you think this is a dead horse?

I was going to say something similar, but honestly I'm so bored here lately that reading his commentary was mildly entertaining. It's better if you have actually read the original logs before and then you get a funny spin on what you had read.

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errrr, higher government members?

I see Atlashill there. Now if he counts as higher government, then I await the news that Scythe counts as higher government of the Mushroom Kingdom.

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Wow what a suprise people plotting on GOONS. I am new back to Bob and that seems to pretty much be what half of Planet Bob spends its time doing anymore. Not sure that giving the other groups a list of more alliances that they can recruit from is such a good idea though.

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Wow what a suprise people plotting on GOONS. I am new back to Bob and that seems to pretty much be what half of Planet Bob spends its time doing anymore. Not sure that giving the other groups a list of more alliances that they can recruit from is such a good idea though.

I hope they do, might put up a fight for once.

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Wow what a suprise people plotting on GOONS. I am new back to Bob and that seems to pretty much be what half of Planet Bob spends its time doing anymore. Not sure that giving the other groups a list of more alliances that they can recruit from is such a good idea though.

Everyone plots against the big bad GOONS nowadays because they're bored. I know we're horrible people etc, etc, etc bawww they kicked my dog, etc (I'd like to know what we do that is so "evil" beyond tech raiding, really. Do tell).

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Thanks for this, it's pretty funny. Although I suspect Grumpdogg would have preferred it if these ones came out with the old ones~

He actually did post a statement with his portion before, but you're right it would have helped him more to have done it when the old ones came out.

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