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Gambling on election results




So myself and Gopherbashi have made several bets on tomorrows election results in the US. I win 50 tech if Republicans end up with more than 48 members in the Senate, and we are betting on the winner of the Washington Senate race. I'm willing to place more bets with people if you're interested. Propose a bet as a reply, or better yet come find me in #mcxa to suggest race to bet on. We can do who will win such and such race if its close, or X candidate wins by over/under Y points. Just keep in mind I'm only going to accept a bet if I think its fair, or favors me awesome.gif

Everyone get out an vote today!



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Sink takes Florida, Crist gets a chance to ruin our reputation and sell us out, the Dems keep Congress (if only barely) and the Repubs take over most states (FL excepted obviously).

Tell you what, I'll bet you 50 tech that Rick Scott wins Florida's Governor race. Deal?

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I'll put 50 tech on either of the following:

- Manchin wins in WVa.

- The GOP loses one of NV, IL, or CO, three Senate races where they are favoured.

Neither of those seam particularly fair to me tbh. How about an over/under Manchin's race?

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