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I am now a Free Agent; plus some brief thoughts on Alliances and Blocs



I've decided to strike out on my own for a bit and have now left The Foreign Division. It is a great community full of intelligent and friendly members (and they are really growing, too), however, there comes a point where one must choose their own path. Up until now, I was obligated to remain where the river of fate carried me, with my first alliance, due to holding gov. responsibilities, and to the second alliance by virtue of the merger.

I considered forming my own alliance but, unfortunately, I do not have an internet connection to call my own, so staying as active is as needed to be a leader or even a minister is very difficult. I'm still capable of being a reasonably active member and performing some light duties.

If you have any questions about my abilities or sordid past, feel free to ask. Also, if you'd like to give me your recruitment pitch, by all means, go ahead. Now's your chance to scoop up an experienced player.


Thoughts on alliance organization:


Being in both a medium and large alliance, as well as studying other designs has led me to believe that most organizations are over-complicated, bloated, and inefficient. People can get their own trades and find their own tech deals. Anything that isn't directly related towards military readiness, and to some degree, foreign affairs, is a waste of time and manpower.

Most alliances are structured upon some sort of government model. Which makes sense if you consider the player as a member of a country (called an alliance). But it stops making sense when you consider the environment of the game. Going by the fact that this is a nation simulation game, an alliance is actually a collection of nations who have agreed upon similar goals and abide by guidelines of interaction as states, not just as people, and I think the organization should be run that way. Therefore, having 'ruling bodies' lording over the 'masses' seems wrong to me. I've always felt that the highest authority of Kzoppistan was Mr. O. No one else. Not the company commander, not the minister of war, not the minister of soup-in-your-pants, not the 'council' or 'senators' or even the head of the alliance.

Sure, the U.N. has a sort of governing body and other organs of legislation and execution, every organization needs some, well, organization. But I'm beginning to feel that 'collapsing' the hierarchy a bit makes for a stronger community.

That is not to say that I am a proponent of complete democracy. Because I'm not, and never have been. Even though I have publicly supported developing a democratic body in Zenith (and have even argued on this very forum for the institution [and if I might be allowed to crow a bit] somewhat successfully, it was only for the sake of exercising my rhetorical and debating abilities), it was only because that was what the members thought would salvage the crumbling alliance. I disagreed with it personally, but once the vote was concluded I put my personal feelings away and pushed to make the organization the kind of democracy envisioned by the members. I am a proponent of giving all information to all the members, I am opposed towards governance by committee.

A most functional alliance, imo, is a marriage of the two previous opinions, and so is led by a strong leader, the founder of the alliance, who is unhindered by excessive and cumbersome charter rules, who leads by virtue of their character. And in that vein, a competent leader who informs and listens to the nations that who have decided to align themselves in the alliance. A leader who treats the other nation leaders as equals reigning over their own nations and yet has the fortitude to lead those peers forward.



They're superfluous. Especially considering that blocs rarely actually do anything. Blocs overlap the treaties of an alliance and thus are pointless. And since most alliances in CN are afraid of either: disengaging from the current treaty web and relying on only their bloc partners, or exercising their power over others, that means the power potential in a bloc remains untapped and worthless.


Recommended Comments

I want you to join the Menace of Destruction kzopp and help me lead it. It's small now but what better way to forge your own path but then to help in the creation of an alliance to call your own? To help shape its foreign affairs and internal systeming, why not? May not be much now, but what's this game without taking a chance.

Now I can't offer you the world, but I can offer you a good portion of the Milky Way and the outer fringes of much of Andromeda.

And I can offer you something more than anyone here can:

Kzoppi + A-U-T = less-than-three!

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Again, it's not about breaking any rules. In fact, quite the contrary, a good leader is one the members can trust. And one way of building trust is to do what you say you're going to do. Such as following what ever laws are in place. I'm just advocating a free hand in order to deal with the various situations that arise.

Also, too much policy wrangling kills the creative initiative behind creative processes and member participation.

I understand and agree with you, I just wanted you to clarify for the masses ;)

iMatt..... come home..... we miss you.

I have a bad memory but it says you are TPF. I was in TPF for a month or so, did you mean me? This is a recruitment thread for Kzopp not me :P

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TheAUT, very tempting, my friend, very tempting. We do make a devastating duo B-)

Buffalo Niagara, good to hear from you again, I should stop by to say hi anyways. I hope you all are doing well. :wub:

iMatt, just face it, you're a hot item. Now get out of my thread and quit stealing my spotlight! :lol1:

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RIA is basically an anarchist communune / frat house. It was an insane asylum but the inmates took over.

We fit all the criteria you're looking for in an alliance. We don't have useless bureaucratic nonsense or absurd hierarchical structures, and you can basically do whatever the heck you want.

Your call bud

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