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You know you play too much CN when....




So the other day I was playing Civilization IV. For those of you not familiar with the game, it's a computer game where you build an empire by building cities and taking over other empires. It's a turn-based game that *usually* has a globe for a map, so it's as if you are playing on a real planet. Your empire is based off of a real-world empire: Japanese, Mongolian, Roman, American, British, etc. Each one has a specific colour as well (Japan = Red, America = dark blue, Rome = Purple, etc.)

So, I was playing on a pre-made map of the world. I was Japan (Red). I was trying to get to across to the America's first, so that I could claim them for my own. I also was going for Australia and Indonesia and those islands. So imagine the following scenario...Red cities bordering Japan, Indonesia, California, Australia, Peru, and various other countries that border the pacific.

Yes, I had become the NPO.

Wow, I'm a dork.

Share your favorite "I knew I played too much CN when...." moments.



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