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Once upon a time...A Strange & Terrible Saga Begins




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Whilst debating topics I could discuss, rant, and rave about, I stumbled upon a lost treasure. While undoubtedly there are many things occurring in this psychotic world of ours, there remain a few topics of discussion the delve much deeper into the human (and sasquatch) psyche and reveal us for who we truly are. It is here that I began my journey, a travel to the center of the soul and a catharsis of the mind. Civilizations new and old have pondered for as long as time itself the very meaning of life, the very questions behind our existence, and the very questions of those questions, typically leading to more questions. In a moment of sheer brilliance and happenstance, the answer became quite clear. In a word: Kevlar.

Yes, it appears that there indeed was a singularity from which all thought has stemmed, producing the complex structure of society we see today. Perhaps in a moment of universal irony or a paraprosdokian answer to the monotony of nothingness, a sasquatch was born. Ramifications for this event are still questioned by scientists to this day. Unreliable sects of the human populace debate whether or not Kevlar was truly born of universal potential and whether his example should be followed. Some say the Kevlar is only 6,000 years old. And I'm sure we're also to believe he is a mere 90' in stature? Utter nonsense.

Morality, it would appear, has lost its hold in favor of the Sasquinity. Moral apologists would rather point to their rights and wrongs, hoping a decent culture can ooze from a primordial goop of butterflies and rainbow dreams. The unicorn of truth is that we only have ourselves to blame for our own misgivings and personal monotonies. A blind reliance on moral know-how cripples the advancement of thought.

Rather, under the Watchful Eye of the Sasquatch (with +5 Wisdom and an extra dice roll), we are free to pursue the unbounded sophistry locked within us all. The only rule is the rule of all over nothing. We are peer to the actions of the aggregate, and aggressors to the inaction of our peers. Space and Time are mere quantities to the qualitative pursuit, trivial facts scattered along the road of relating ideas and simple matters of fact. The a posteriori becomes the a priori; unbridled Reason triumphs over the limitations of Reality. Ye shall know the truth.

All of the above is just a bunch of nonsense I wrote just now as filler. Tricked you again! It takes awhile to get the ol' gears turning. And by that, I mean the gears on my baby-grinding machine. Pacifica is still trying to get the blueprints off me.

This seriously happens if I sit in front of computer screens for awhile.

'Til next time, suckers.


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