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Why You Should Never Do a Video Deceleration of War.




About three months ago we had an applicant to MCXA. He was quite annoying. He couldn't figure out how to get on IRC and kept PMing me about how to get on. He finally gave up, and then left CN. The reason I remember this one applicant was that his name was "Realy Awesome Blue." It was enough to make me pause but I decided the resemblance to my name was just a coincidence.

This Saturday I went to the wedding of two close friends of mine, and I promise you this is related to the beginning of this story. I was joined by many of my friends that stayed in the same dorm that I stayed in, and especially a close knit group of Resident Assistants. When we arrived at the wedding my friends had this inside joke. They would look at each other and say "I only have one question."

The other person would always respond "We might win, or we might Lose." Now most of us are big Ohio State fans. A large group of my friends that day were recording the Ohio State/Indiana Game. I assumed that this was there way of reminding each other of their promise not to find out the score of the game so they could watch it together.

At the reception of this wedding the weirdest thing happened. I was sitting at a table when I hear "Hey Ed, that's a super cool yellow tie you have on!" I was of course weirded out by this. When Ed saw the look on my face I explained to him the SuperCoolYellow persona. A few minutes later I heard some one in the food line yell something to the table. It sounded a lot like "Cross-X Alliance." At that moment I had decided that I was starting to play CN way too much if I'm starting to hear things that come from this game. Again a few minutes later two guys, from my dorm, that like to carry on and be quite silly, got into an argument, yelled at each other for about five seconds then looked at each other and said


"Peace agreement?"

They then smiled and shook hands. I didn't think much of it. This was right up their alley. When I was looking at the food on my plate, I hear from some one

"Tell me Aaron, did the Pheonix Federation win the war?"

"They might of, or they might not"

I look up, shocked. The wheels turn in my head for about three seconds and then I let out a


Everyone at my table then explained how this spring when I cleaned out my room after graduation, I had forgotten a CD. One of my fellow RA's had the duty of checking the rooms and found that CD. For some reason he played it, and found the portion of My video DOW on Athens, \M/, and GOD, where I speak. He then circulated it to about a dozen of my friends, who for the lolz joined Cybernations using names ranging from Really Awesome Blue to Pretty Flamboyant Purple. They had been planning for a month about how to approach the wedding, and decided on increasingly allude to the video all day long.

Here is the DOW for reference




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ROFL!!! :laugh:

Yeah, that's never going to happen to me. It's bad enough that I've posted pictures of myself here. If I did a video you'd have every female CNer declaring war on me for scaring the hell outta them :ph34r:

But some of my RL friends know I play CN.

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That's quite funny. That said, I actually thought your video declaration was quite good, compared to some of them.

Looking back on it I wish I had done much better by using more emotion and less talking. Problem was I was rushed b/c I learned at the last minute that we were going that night and then had to drive home from a party, in the snow to record the video.

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Looking back on it I wish I had done much better by using more emotion and less talking. Problem was I was rushed b/c I learned at the last minute that we were going that night and then had to drive home from a party, in the snow to record the video.

No, the lack of emotion was what actually made it bearable. Too many of them get *way* too into the game.

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Get some decent lighting.

If it looks like this: grainy.jpg It is not correctly lighten(you notice it will get grainy).

Make sure your camera is better focused and not in a weird angle.

Then buy a bookcase and go to the library and get as many books as a allowed, if it isn't full buy some cheap ones.

They remove the garbage from the desk lay down some papers and pencils and etc to make it look more important.


Then read the text out loud for weeks and months (for the non English speakers you will end up saying the entire thing in perfect English.). Record it dozens of times and choose the best one.

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I must say I laughed. It's not that bad having people call you by your moniker. My friends learned about CN and now call me Stagger Lee. It's pretty funny to hear, so I'd advise you convincing them to always call you supercoolyellow. :3

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I think it is great that your friends got you so well. Now we need to know if Realy Awesome Blue was actually IRC incompetent or annoying you to see how you would react. That he spelled his name wrong I could go either way.

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Someone needs a class in public speaking.

This wasn't in public though. :\

I'd find it easier to sit at your computer with a webcam (good quality) and read straight off the computer, but that's just me.

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