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Highlights from WCE: Part 17




[20:45] <%bzelger[sTA]> It's up to Tyga

[20:45] <%bzelger[sTA]> I'll sell it as hard as I can "p

[20:45] <%bzelger[sTA]> *:P

[20:45] <%Thrash[invicta]> we also need a day or so to discuss.

[20:45] <%pd73bassman[NoR]> Bud, you may have to smack the chef

[20:45] <@bud> though with STA in this group i dunno :P

[20:45] <%pd73bassman[NoR]> get it done, lol

[20:45] <@bud> twice in 6 months :P

[20:45] <%bzelger[sTA]> let's hope this one goes better D:

I don't know tyga, but I'm guessing he would not be ~down with this no-cb coalition~.

[20:46] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> I truely would love to be part of this large group putting the goons down

[20:46] <%pd73bassman[NoR]> yea, we need to leave a lastly impression on them

If you attacked, it would make for some interest chapters in our historical archives, I'll admit.

[20:47] <%Thrash[invicta]> I've been very noticable of anything that occurs on the TV now where someone says GOONS.

We truly own the mindshare for the word "goons".

[20:47] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> Sparta are going to do their best to move their treaties around to join us

[20:47] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> ohhhh nice

Not entirely sure what he ment by this, unless by "moving their treaties" he means "into the shredder".

[20:47] <@bud> if this goes everyone better be prepared to stick it out. IF one falls and surrenders this will fail

[20:47] <%Biff[CoJ]> On what side? :P

[20:47] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> We will not surrender

I wonder if UPN would even have 30 members after a few months of war, if you truly "would not surrender".

[20:48] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> Peggy_Sue|UPN, will you aid your members?

[20:49] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> if that is agreed by many of you to be a good strategy yes

[20:49] <@MegaAros> I see no problems with ti.

[20:49] <@MegaAros> it*

[20:49] <%Thrash[invicta]> well, all of us haven't committed to anything yet, so.

[20:49] <%Thrash[invicta]> consider that.

[20:50] <@Supa_Troop3r[DT]> It adds more lighter fuel to the fire. So I agree.

[20:50] <%Biff[CoJ]> They're your members right? aid them

[20:50] <%pd73bassman[NoR]> yep

Everybody forgets about the whole "they are nuclear rogues we accepted" thing, I guess it was too negative to warrant thinking about in the equation.

[20:50] <@TCK> Everything here hinges on the cb and how it is presented

[20:51] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> this is our coalition TPF, CoJ, Nemesis, NoR, NpO, LoSS(which would mean IAA and GATO), NSO, 64Digits, DT, Valhalla, UPN, Invictia, BAPS, OcUK, NoV, RoA, AZTEC, STA, Sparta

[20:51] <%pd73bassman[NoR]> RoA is aztec

[20:51] <@bud> Still need a top tier and if ODN can be swung over CnG would be activated

Surely ODN would be easy to win over, right? If them, why not the rest of CnG? It's genius!

[20:51] <@Starcraftmazter> you guys from NoR - asked Rok yet what they think?

[20:51] <@MegaAros> ODN is a direct ally of UPN.

[20:51] <%pd73bassman[NoR]> I am sure Zog has

[20:51] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> ODN will support us, but is still trying diplomacy at this minute

I do wonder what RoK said to zog.

[20:51] <~Schattenmann> OsRavan, ODN SecGen, is pursuing a GOONS treaty right now

[20:51] <%pd73bassman[NoR]> I just got here

[20:51] <%pd73bassman[NoR]> not sure

[20:52] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> treaty?

Not while you're still treatied to UPN you're not :P.

More to come.


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I don't know tyga, but I'm guessing he would not be ~down with this no-cb coalition~

I know him quite well and would agree with you. The whole "here is what we want to do now how can we justify it" business isn't really my thing.

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