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Highlights from WCE: Part 16

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[20:32] <@Poyples> I still prefer the smashing the hell out of the one GOON transgressing

[20:32] <%pezstar> Then GOONS is forced to agress.

[20:32] <%Biff[CoJ]> Yeah, they'll just move the goalpost if you clear this one.

[20:32] <@Poyples> and see how their 'raiders are on their own' policy stands up

[20:32] <%pezstar> And they will, because they will not back down.

[20:33] <@MegaAros> You think so?

[20:33] <@MegaAros> I suppose it depends on how much is aided.

[20:34] <%pezstar> I know they won't back down.

[20:34] <%Biff[CoJ]> add the soldiers to it.

[20:34] <%pezstar> Send 2M aid packages.

Aiding nuclear rogues is awesome guys! This would be the best CB ever!

For us.

[20:35] <~Schattenmann> HERE IS THE THING: GOONS has done this "oops, our b, here's 5 cents" thing over and over and over all summer long. They are a year old. They claim its newbs but they're a year old. It's not going to stop now, or tomorrow, or next month. It has to BE stopped

It is just newbs, the guy who mistakenly raided and sent the 1m was literally 6 days old, if I recall. Regardless, we have made great strides, and will continue to do so, regardless of whatever moronic coalition is fighting us over it, we don't like raid incidents any more than you people do.

[20:36] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> Did I hear right? GOONS will lead Pandora's Box bloc?

You didn't hear right, tbh. But I'm flattered you think we're capable of it.

[20:36] <@MyWorld[DT]> GOONS 2.0 = GOONS 1.0 that we put to sleep long ago.

Ah yes, the wonderful lie that draws so many morons to their side. Truly we are just like the old GOONS for not wanting to let nuclear rogues get away scott free, and paying reparations for our raiding incidents.

[20:36] <%bzelger[sTA]> Do we have any links to Sparta?

[20:36] <%Biff[CoJ]> It doesn't matter who leads it

[20:36] <%bzelger[sTA]> they seem to have beef with GOONS

[20:36] <@Poyples> NOIR

[20:36] <%Biff[CoJ]> It will come to your door eventually

[20:37] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> bzelger[sTA], i have a really good relationship with sparta

[20:37] <@MegaAros> Right.

[20:37] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> i can find out subtley if they would be in

Seeking Sparta, savior of the WCE.

[20:38] <@Starcraftmazter> i dont think NOIR should be mentioned, there's at least 2 NOIR alliances allied to goons

[20:38] <@Co_God_Ben[loss]> we have a few Noir alliances

[20:38] <@Supa_Troop3r[DT]> Yeah, athough it will <removed> block some DoW's

[20:38] <@Co_God_Ben[loss]> on both sides8

[20:39] <@Supa_Troop3r[DT]> With the NAP clause

[20:39] <@Co_God_Ben[loss]> yup

I can't speak for my NOIR allies, but I wouldn't count on that.

[20:40] <@Supa_Troop3r[DT]> I'm querying derwood right now

I'd live to see this conversation.

[20:41] <@MegaAros> Can we trust PC?

[20:41] <~Schattenmann> Poison Clan?

[20:41] <~Schattenmann> No

[20:41] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> god no

[20:41] <@MyWorld[DT]> no

[20:41] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> lol

[20:41] <@bud> hell no

[20:41] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> nope

[20:41] <@Cookavich[NpO]> lord

[20:41] <@Supa_Troop3r[DT]> Why would we?

[20:41] <@MrWhiteOcUK> Derp

[20:41] <@MegaAros> Well.

[20:41] <%Biff[CoJ]> no

[20:41] <@MegaAros> I saw

[20:41] <~Schattenmann> Was that a joke question?

[20:42] <%pd73bassman[NoR]> lol

[20:42] <@MegaAros> <Supa_Troop3r[DT]> I'm querying derwood right now

[20:42] <@MrWhiteOcUK> MegaAnus, never go full <removed>.

Oh, dang.

[20:43] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> What level are we up to? Are you all definitely in the mood to defend UPN when she defends her nations?

[20:44] <~Schattenmann> I'm raising CoJ's alert now

[20:44] <%Biff[CoJ]> Am I in the mood to fight GOONS? yes.

[20:44] <@MrWhiteOcUK> You have our nukes.

[20:44] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> Peggy we are in

[20:44] <%pd73bassman[NoR]> NoR loves the Goons

[20:44] <%pd73bassman[NoR]> so yea

[20:44] <@MegaAros> There doesn't seem to be a single person in disagreement.

Yep, no disagreements, except for the ones with logic and morality.

More to come.

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