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Highlights from WCE: Part 9




[19:41] <%Rebel_Virginia> So, I hear you're wanting to kill GOONS.

[19:41] <%Rebel_Virginia> I am quite intrigued.

RV, the anti-GOON. Patron saint of all we hold to be our enemy. Self-Proclaimed emperor of FAIL. He is a terrifying sight to behold in a channel such as this, truly he speaks the gospel.

[19:41] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> Folks. We all don't like the goons ways. We've all had the conversations with them about raids gone bad and newbies raiding alliances and such. We would all like to see them gone. Is this correct?

[19:41] <@MrWhiteOcUK> We're just waiting for your approval, RV.

[19:41] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> yes mam

[19:42] <~Schattenmann> Correct

[19:42] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> ok

Ah yes, the act of forced disbandment, the most immortal sin one can commit (unless it's against goons of course).

[19:42] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> Now we don't exactly have to make the UPN case perfect

[19:42] <@HeroofTime55> Dagz had a good list a little while ago

[19:42] <%Rebel_Virginia> CoJ, NpO, UPN, NSO, Invicta, NoR, DF, DT.....

[19:42] <%Rebel_Virginia> Quite the motley crew.

[19:42] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> We can use us as an example, we can use us as a reason to defend against goons and allies

[19:42] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> give me a bit here

[19:42] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> please

Please guys, let's go destroy an innocent alliance we don't like, please.

[19:43] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> A reason to war with goons can be just because

[19:43] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> if half the planet wants to do a thing

And finally we get to the crux of the situation, they have no CB. They never had a cb, and this entire time they are desperately searching for some way to get one.

[19:43] <@HeroofTime55> just do it, don't even wait for reps, say that enough is enough

[19:43] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> then just do it

[19:43] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> yes

[19:43] <@HeroofTime55> Enough wars and then here's a nickel for your trouble

[19:43] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> who cares what the other half thinks of the cb or the pr or any of it

Peggy doesn't think very highly of the moral intelligence of most alliances in CN

[19:43] <%Olaf> sorry gents, gotta step out for a few hours, be back later

[19:44] <%Rebel_Virginia> Sparta is in here?

RV instinctively hones in on a red flag that this may indeed be a bad idea.

[19:44] <@Grumpdogg[NpO]> you aren't going to win GOONS friends over with a solid CB

[19:44] <%Rebel_Virginia> I'd disagree.

[19:44] <%Rebel_Virginia> I'd say there are quite a few good reasons to roll GOONS.

[19:44] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> yes, there are

[19:44] <%Rebel_Virginia> But as we know, people are going to want an actual offense.

[19:44] <%Rebel_Virginia> Unfortunately.

Grumpdogg and RV doing a little role reversal, I would have expected the opposite from them.

[19:45] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> Who sets the standards if not the citizens of teh world?

[19:45] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> pezstar and bzelger[sTA] had it sorted out

[19:45] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> and why follow a standard if you don't want to?

The short answer, Peggy, is you get destroyed, you're lucky you didn't have to learn that lesson yet.

[19:45] <@HeroofTime55> in GW5, Polaris was <attacked> over accumulated past offenses

[19:45] <@HeroofTime55> Without any specific incident

[19:46] <@HeroofTime55> is that route viable

[19:46] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> why not if 20 alliances say it is viable

[19:46] <@Peggy_Sue|UPN> then it is

I love the smell of argumentum ad populum in the morning.

19:47] <%pezstar> You guys DO realize that without an actual, legitimate CB, quite a few fence sitting alliances won't come, right?

[19:47] <%pezstar> So if you want to win the war, you have to do it right.

[19:47] <@HeroofTime55> ^^

[19:47] <%Biff[CoJ]> Aid your members

[19:47] <~Schattenmann> We do need to use UPN's situation to the fullest

[19:47] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> agreed

[19:47] <%Rebel_Virginia> Pez brings up a valid point.

pezstar, casting a few pearls of wisdom to the swine.

[19:48] <@HeroofTime55> I *hate* having to have a traditional CB but Pez is right

01[19:48] <%TehChron> Schatt

01[19:48] <%TehChron> you and I

[19:48] <@Doppelganger> Wont MK come to the defense of GOONS?

[19:48] <@Doppelganger> paperless?

01[19:48] <%TehChron> we will make this CB argument together

TehChron and Schatt, together, they will make up a CB the world has never seen before, how could GOONS stand up to spin of such magnitude?



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TehChron and Schatt, together, they will make up a CB the world has never seen before, how could GOONS stand up to spin of such magnitude?


But sadly things were not to pan out as was intended.

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Yes, this was my favourite part of the logs. Criticising GOONS for 'lacking CBs' while raiding, and then admitting they have no actual CB to hit GOONS with.

Also, MK's MDP with GOONS was probably still in effect at this point unless i'm getting my dates mixed up (as would its MDP with STA and NpO).

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